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Low Buck/Low Dust Brake Maintenance Package for 350Z/G35!

14 Jun

We hear everyday from customers who aren’t interested in a big brake kit, aren’t interested in some exotic pad compounds. They just want an all in one, complete replacement parts for their tired and worn brakes. We’ve put this package together with this customer in mind, and it includes everything you need. So far we’ve worked out packages for non Brembo owners, since that is what most people have. If demand is there, we can look into procuring a similar package for those with factory Brembo’s too

2003-2005 350Z/G35 with standard (non Brembo) brakes: $315 SHIPPED in the 48 states for everything!!!

2006-2008 350Z/G35 with standard (non Brembo) brakes: $385 SHIPPED in the 48 states for everything!!!

To order, just give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email z1sales@z1auto.com


Mazda Miata Complete Timing Belt Kits

14 Apr

Spring is here, and before long its going to be top down weather. As we all know, timing belts are a maintenance item on these cars, and to ensure your Miata runs strong all year long without catastrophy, we have put together our Complete Timing Belt Kit. This kit includes EVERYTHING. No corners cut, nothing skipped, nothing optional. It literally includes everything you or your mechanic will need to do the full, complete timing belt job, and know that you’ll be safe.

Our kits include:

Timing Belt, Tensioner Pulley, Tension Spring, Idler Pulley, Thermostat, Thermostat Gasket, Front Crank Seal, Cam Seals, Water Pump with Gaskets, Valve Cover Gasket, 2 Cam Seals, Water Pipe O-Ring, Alternator Belt, and Power Steering / Air Conditioner Belts (as required).

Shop around, no one else’s kit is as complete!!!!

Pricing – that’s the best part!!! $185 shipped in the 48 states, $205 shipped to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Located outside of the US? No problem! Just contact us with your full, complete address and we’ll get back to you with the shipping quote!

To order, just give us a call at (631)863-3820!!!