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3 New Coilover Options for your M3/1M

14 May

We’ve got 3 new coilover setups now available for your E90/E92 BMW M3

First up, the Zachs setup. This is a terrific street friendly kit that gives you up to ~60mm of height reduction, 20 way adjustability, and has a monotube, inverted strut design. Priced at $2799 for the kit.

Next, the Ohlins Road and Track coilovers. If your car is day to day workhorse, and weekend track warrior, this is THE setup for you! Features Ohlins newest DFV valving, with adjustable rebound/matching compression adjustment front and rear, Eibach ERS race springs (default rates are 343 lbs front, 685 lbs out back), full aluminum bodies (with dust boots!), and a 2 year warranty. They are also fully rebuildable and customizable for valving down the road too. Priced at $3100 for the kit.

Lastly, the PSI Raceline Kit – when you’re ready to go all out club racing! Features separate compression and rebound adjustment (front has 20 clicks bump adjustment, 40 clicks reboundadjustment, and 22 clicks bump/rebound out back) and can be prepared with rear coilover or standard setup (coilover recommended for cars with weld in cages or reinforced shock towers only). Includes Eibach ERS springs and pillowball front (camber/caster adjustable) and rear mounts. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for pricing.


When only the Best Will Do (Suspension Content)

14 Nov

Ohlins is regarded in many circles as the premier suspension engineering company in the world. Their products have proven themselves on street and track for decades. Where others prefer the glitz and glam method of suspension design – using inferior dampers in a shiny box, Ohlins knows the reward is the results.

Their Road and Track series was introduced a few years ago to set the bar higher for a true, dual purpose suspension. Track days are certainly a very popular activity for performance car owners. They allow you to dial in your car, learn it’s limits, and improve your overall skill in a controlled environment. Many have the misconception that a trackable suspension means one solely suited for a race car. They couldn’t be more incorrect. The right suspension setup for a typical Club type track day is vastly different from one used on a full tilt race car. Unless you’re intending to change your entire suspension AT the track, your goal is generally a suspension setup that gives you meaningful, real world levels of adjustment regardless of the environment. The Road and Track series has set the standard here. These coilovers go from street to track without skipping a it. Their DFV valving is unique at this price point, and unlike many other ‘sweatshop’ coilovers, the damper adjustments on these actually work!

This is a great video put togehter to show the Ohlins Road and Track installed on an Evo X.

We’ve used this suspension ourselves, and can set you up with a complete package for your car. Whether you’ve got an Evo, WRX/STi, 350Z/G35, Porsche, S2000, etc, we can help put together the right Ohlins package for your needs. Contact z1sales@z1auto.com

Ohlins Shocks for Classic 911

1 Oct

Ohlins latest suspension offering for historic 911 vehicles. Finally, an Ohlins suspension is available for older 911 chassis! The front damper is available in both non-adjustable, single and double adjustable versions. Both non-adjustable and adjustable version are based on a 40 mm OD cylinder tube which fit into the original Porsche McPherson strut casing. The (NA) piston shaft is 12 mm and has a balanced setting developed for both Tarmac and Gravel. The front adjustable version has a 16 mm piston shaft hollowed with a valve and jet that is externally adjustable. This one adjuster adjusts both compression and rebound with the use of a bleed system and also has a temperature compensating system. The rear shock is a 46 mm monotube unit, with a single external adjuster which adjusts both compression and rebound and utilizes a 16 mm piston shaft. This design also has the temperature compensating system and is of course completely servicable/rebuildable. This combination of Öhlins dampers has already shown top performance in various Historic Rallies in Europe. Also available in 2-way or 3-way configurations.

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for your set.

New Suspension for the 350Z

20 Sep

Just got a box with Ohlins new Road and Track Coilovers for the 350Z/G35. I will be evaluating these in my own car in the coming weeks. Just from a cursory look at them today, construction is top notch. The machining on the strut housings is much nicer than even the previous Ohlins PCV setup. The casings are These are their newest dampers, so feature the DFV valving, which is the ultimate setup for someone looking for a truly dual purpose coilover. One that is as much at home on the street as it is on the track. Stay tuned here soon as we post a full installation and comprehensive review

Well Rounded Z33…

25 Jul

Not bad.

ASM front Bumper, Amuse Rear Wing, Front and Rear Gold Endless Big Brake Kit, Ohlins DFV, Fujitsubo Titanium Exhaust… not bad at all.


30 Oct

This is an example of a well balanced 350z. 360hp via an HKS Supercharger and an HKS IS EMS, Ohlins DFV Coilovers, Endless BBK and a full Bewith and Carrozzeria sound system. Lovely!