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That Black 964

6 May

This is unquestionably not only one of the nicest 964s I’ve seen, but one of the coolest modified cars, period.


Do it in the Dirt

13 Nov

Yesterday we showed some clips of a rallycross 911.  But that was when the car was all nice and shiny and driving on tame, paved roads.  Here are some clips of the car in it’s more natural habitat…enjoy!

As expected, the car wears venerable Braid wheels, some of the strongest, and affordable street and competition wheels you can buy!



26 May


Teutonic Thursday

2 May

Some recent spots

Nicely lowered A5



And an ’86 911 Carrera



2 totally different cars with different functions, but clean and classic lines.

R Gruppe

15 Sep

R Gruppe is a club from California centered around original 911’s (many are pre ’74 cars) , modified to varying degrees. A somewhat exclusive group with some very tricked out cars. One such example shown:

In Tow

4 Jun


For the Dog(box)

23 Apr

New PPG Dogbox for Porsche 911’s. Contact us @ z1sales@z1auto.com for yours