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Riding Dirty

17 Feb

Poseur of the year…

15 Jan

I’m not a Rota hater; it’s not that I like them, I really can care less for their wheels. Nor am I Volk fanboy; they make good shit but they aren’t the only ones. However, I WILL NOT, WILL NOT stand for posers putting Volk stickers on Rota wheels! WTF?

For those wondering the owner of this car said his reasoning behind putting the Volk stickers on his Rotas :

And to note, I have a set of RAYS valve stems on the wheels, so yes, I am entitled to run a sticker or two as I support the companies products, and many thousands of my dollars in the past have I invested in Work, Volk, BBS, and SSR.

Ah, righttttttttt.

His Post on MY350Z