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Eibach Springs for 370Z!!

30 Mar


Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Eibach Pro Kit Nissan 370Z - Click to Order!

Just got word that we’ll be getting these very soon.

Here is the skinny:

Lowers the car .9 inches up front, .8 inches out back

OE spring rates are 422 lbs front, 450 lbs rear, linear

Eibach spring rates are 239-479 lbs front (progressive), 217-530 lbs rear (progressive)

The progressive rates are an Eibach staple, and allow the car to maintain a comfortable, factory like ride under normal driving conditions, and then firm up as the car is pushed harder. 

Price: $265 shipped for the set – just click the picture to place your order and reserve a set for yourself as these are sure to be hot sellers!

Eibach Springs for R35 GTR

15 Sep

Just got word about the release of the Eibach Pro Kit for the 2008 + GTR.  These springs lower the car .8 inches up front, .5 inches out back, and were specifically tuned around the stock Bilstein Dampers.   The result is a clean, even stance, and lower center of gravity.  Springs are progressively wound, allowing them to retain a near OEM ride quality during day to day driving, but as the suspension compresses, they firm up to improve handling.

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

Eibach Pro Kit R35 GTR

We’ve got a bunch coming in, and preorders can be placed just by clicking !

Now accepting preorders for mid to late October arrival!