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Skyline Summit

30 Dec



Godzilla Sighting!

23 Jun

Some pics from a Malaysian meeting of Skyline owners posted from my350z – sweet!

R34 WORKin a set of XD9s like they’re named Angelina…

24 Mar

Shouts to Mr. Yoshida on this post…

Tochigi Prefecture Highway Patrol Vehicles

13 Jan

Can you really go wrong with any of them?

I saw someone make mention on my350z.com about Jay Bryan posting on the Tochigi Prefecture’s NISMO Z33 back in December of ’07 on his old “Dropjay” blog but he has since taken it down so I do not know how much of this material is repetitive.

I apologize if it’s redundant but this is the first time I’ve seen real pictures of these vehicles.


6 Sep

It’s wild, the colors are vibrant and very ‘look at me’. It’s so not me – but screw all that, this car just speaks to me!

It’s the automotive equivalent of the Oreo – it’s just perfect in every way.

MSpeed is where fast cars go to get faster. They are well known among those of us who’s idea of a great day is a stack full of Option, Carboy, Revpseed and a fresh box of Pocky sticks. This car is hard – plain and simple. Built for a purpose (and it does just that – lapping Tsukuba in 54:48. The level of detail is stunning. Anyone know if this is still the R34 record holder for Tsukuba?

I spy SP1s…

8 Aug

…I think. I suck because I can’t find another picture of this car, oh well. I still like this picture enough to post it.


White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.

Bayside R34

25 Nov



White R34, White TE37s, Blue Endless BBK

17 Nov

Cockpit Tatebayashi Customer Car


Amuse Carbon R34 GT-R – More Photos

14 Nov

Let’s “bump” this back up with a couple more pictures…


R34 V-Spec on NT03s

5 Nov

I love Enkei NT03s and I love R34 GT-Rs so I guess what I am saying is that I love this exact car. ( I personally would lower it some, but thats me.)

The Epitome of Godzilla

6 Oct

Lately, all the talk has been about the R35 GTR.   Sure, it’s an amazing car, and offers performance on par with more expensive European models, but it seems to lack that sex appeal that the R34 had.  When I think back on what the GTR evolved into, one letter comes to mind – Z.  As in the R34 Z Tune.  This was Nissan’s ultra exclusive, limited run of R34 models, and it was developed to a state of tune never before seen from a manufacturer.

Nissan began development work on the Z Tune back in the late 90’s, to showcase all they had learned with the R32-R34 models.  Just 20 examples were produced, to signify NISMO’s 20 Year Anniversary.  By the time the Z Tune was given the green light, Nissan had already officially stopped producing the R34 model.  So NISMO sought our and purchased the cleanest examples of the R34 they could find.  Each car was hand assembled by NISMO technicians at the Omori factory.

The spec sheet is simply amazing – enough to make any true enthusiast salivate.  Dry carbon was used for most of the bodywork with significant emphasis on increasing downforce.  The engine was built use many spec parts made specifically for the Z Tune.  The chassis received numerous upgrades, from seam welded sections, as well as the bonded use of dry carbon to existing sheet metal.  The suspension was co-developed with Sachs, and is independantly adjustable for height, compression and rebound.  Special compound bushings were used throughout.  The brakes were developed with Brembo and feature monoblock calipers (6 piston front with 2 piece, 365mm rotors, 4 piston rear with single piece 355mm rotors) .  Buyers could select from 2 different tires, one for street, one for track use.  These were each mounted on specially forged Rays/Nismo LMGT4 wheels measuring 18×9.5 with a +5 offset.  The drivetrain consisted of Nissan’s well tuned Attessa system, which was driven via a dry carbon driveshaft.  This same production technique eventually found its way into the 350Z.   On the inside, the use of leather and Alcantera provide a grippy yet comfortable home for the lucky driver. 

The soul of the machine was of course the engine, and NISMO left no stone unturned.  The endurance-derived N1 block was used, chock full of NISMO’s best parts.  A stroker crank (77.7mm), forged pistons, specially forged SNCM439 rods, revised intake manifold, upgraded IHI ball bearing turbos, titanium exhaust.  Everything was fully balanced and blueprinted, the head massaged for velocity and flow.  NISMO topped it all off with a larger capacity intercooler, radiator, and twin oil coolers.

There are quite a number of video’s on youtube featuring the Z Tune, but this one is especially concise and easy to understand

Dang! You got shocks, pegs… lucky!

26 Aug

Old picture but still hot to def!

Front brake and suspension setup of the 2001 Xanavi Hiroto Nismo Skyline R34 GT-R. AP’s and Center locking hubs mmm!