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Tour de Force

12 Oct

A rare car in an even rarer color. While the 360’s don’t have the mechanical reliability of the 430, it was a game changing car for Ferrari. This one, in Tour de Force blue has aged particularly well. One of those rare cars that so many of us try to emulate, regardless of the marque. A car built to be a weekend road terrorizer and a race track toy, and perform each task with sublime results.





When JDM Meets NASCAR: Full Split

3 Oct

A close friend of ours down south has a 350Z. For the last several years it served as faithful daily driver, and weekend track slut. Now that the stars have aligned, and a truck now handles daily driving duties (and doubles as the track-rig on the weekend), the Z has been relegated to primarily track use only. He runs the car all over the Southeast, and despite the fact that it (for now) is still a stock engine with some bolt on’s, it’s wildly competitive. The reason? Intelligently selected modifications. Everything on the car has a purpose. Nothing was selected by accident, and in several cases, it took some trial and error of different components in order to come up with the faster combination.

The car was recently in NASCAR country, North Carolina, for a recent round of upgrades, including a differential and ring and pinion change. While there, a former NASCAR tech got hold of it, and using some fabrication skills and NASCAR carbon splitters (the rear deal), this was the creation. Next set of shakedowns is a few weeks ago at Barber, stay tuned!

The Same, but Different: A Tale of 2 Race Cars

1 Jul

Neat video

New Porsche Cup Car Video Test @ Monza

9 Jun



9 Jun


NISMO’s GT3 GTR at the legendary Monza course in Italy


Levitating Audi

26 May


One of One

12 May

gtr-lmTo the best of my knowledge, Nissan only made 1 of these (someone correct me if that’s inaccurate)

The Flat 6 Symphony

12 Apr


Never Lift

30 Mar



17 Mar

Stunning in silver with the Martini liver


Hang Time

8 Mar


An S2k getting it on….


Laying in Wait

26 Feb


Timo’s New Office

13 Feb

Timo Glock showed off his new office earlier today


In Tow

29 Oct

Got a track day car, looking for an affordable way to install a required tow hook? Check out this awesome universal Racetech Tow Loop. Made from plyable 5000kg webbing. Approx 350mm long and 50mm wide. Available in red with embroidered Racetech logo.

Priced at $42.50 shipped in the 48 states. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order.

Blank Canvas

19 Oct

Nothing cooler than a race car before it’s got all it’s livery on

I know, lot’s of Porsche content lately…we’ll bring it back to the Japanese stuff. Just so happens the backlog of stuff we have to post is very Germanic 🙂