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Clutchmasters Combos Now Featured

21 Jun

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable performance clutch for your car, check out Competition Clutch. We’ve got specials going on right now for all sorts of cars. Order a clutch and flywheel combo, and get free shipping! Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for your setup

Stop It!

13 Nov

AP Racing has been around for decades now, producing top quality brake components for every conceivable form of motorsport.

Since we’re an AP dealer, what better way to show their wares, by featuring them on a customer car. Shown installed on our customers 2004 STi

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for all your AP Racing needs. From replacement disks, calipers, pads, to full big brake kits for your car or SUV, no matter what the application, we’re here to help

More New Enkei Hotnes – PF01SS

11 Nov

Another brand new wheel from Enkei – the PF01SS.

3 colors – black/polished lip, white/polished lip or platinum machined silver

Sizes: 17×8 and 17×9 only

New Enkei Hotness – RSM9 (now with pricing!)

11 Nov

We’re not ones to double post stuff on our own blog, but we had lots of people asking about these. Now that pricing is available, figured what the hell post it again

Sizes range from 17×7 to 19×10.5

Got Brakes?

4 Oct

Ferodo is a UK based company that was founded in 1897, and was the world’s first manufacturer of friction based products. They offer a series of pads for street, track, auto-x use. From the venerable DS2500 clubsport pad, to the more track oriented DS3000, we can supply you with the pads you need, at a great price. Ferodo is one of the few brands to also offer pads for stock and aftermarket calipers. We know that sometimes it can be tough finding a suitable pad worthy of buying for your afternmarket kit. So, whether your Z or G has base model brakes, or factory Brembo calipers, or you’ve got an aftermarket kit from Brembo, AP Racing, Endless, Wilwood or others, we can help! Got a motorcycle? Let us know!

One More Day at the Spa

26 Aug

Figured you guys would like this too.

From my own personal favorite era of road racing – the Group C era. One of these days I’ll do a compilation outlining some of the technology used in this phase of motorsport. It was essentially where modern technology that we would recognize today converged with the wild west mentality of motor racing in the 50’s and 60’s. The cars were insanely powerful (800+hp), extremely lightweight (1760 lbs minimum weight)blazingly fast (240+ mph), and threading the needle between sane and safe.

A Lifetime in 24 Hours

25 Jun

It’s that time of the year again! Fresh off the heels of the 24 hour race at LeMans, it’s once again time for the 24 Hour Endurance Race at the world famous Nurburgring. We all know how tiring driving can sometimes be, even if we’re in the car for an hour or two. Imagine driving flat out, through any weather condition, throughout a challenging course in the middle of the German forest, with a field full of fellow nutcases doin the same. This is what the 24 Hours of Nurburgring is. The best drivers in the world, in some of the best sports and GT cars, engaged in the in the ultimate dance between man and machine.

If you’re interested in lve, free online coverage, here are some resources:

1. http://adac.24h-rennen.de/Streaming.4101.0.html?&L=1&cHash=f6a7d1bb2f (the official Nurburgring site)
2. http://tv.audi.com/#/02 – Audi’s Live Stream
3. http://www.radiolemans.com/ – Love the coverage and insight these guys bring

Live LeMans Stream

11 Jun

If you’re stuck at work, or not near a tv this weekend, check this link out for a live feed for the LeMans 24 Hr Race. Other places have it too, but below is the world feed from EuroSport. Tends to be the best overall coverage IMHO.


If you’re stuck in a car all weekend and have Sirius or XM, they have it broadcast as well. Channel 94 on Sirius, 208 on XM

OMP Products Now Available!

22 Apr

We are pleased to announce we are now offering the full range of OMP street and competition products for your car! OMP is an Italian firm, steeped in tradition in motorsport. They offer a TON of products, ranging from seats, to steering wheels and shift knobs, to racing helmets, racing suits, and more

OMP was established in Genoa (Italy) in 1973 by brothers Piergiorgio, Roberto and Claudio Percivale, with the initial production of rollbars for competition cars.

Over the years, OMP implements new specializations, becoming a protagonist on a national level in the following sectors: Racing (safety components for competition cars and drivers), Karting (accessories and components for Kart competitions) and Tuning (special components for road cars). OMP became well-known among the professionals and the amateurs of this sector because it provided clothes for drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Nigel Mansell in Formula 1 and Tommi Makinen and Carlos Sainz in the rally worldwide championship. Its popularity was definitively confirmed in 1996, when Michael Schumacher chose OMP as his personal “tailor” for 11 years of victories with Ferrari.

The high quality standards (UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certification) and the global offer are our strength points. All our products are designed and tested in order to obtain the maximum level of safety and are compliant with the strict international homologation standards for car competitions.

Click here to view all the OMP goodies and check back often, as new items are constantly being added

Exedy Twin Disk Sale for Evo IV-IX

10 Mar

We have a whole bunch of MM022SD twin disks on the shelf that need new homes for Evo 4-9.

They are priced to move at $1570 SHIPPED in the 48 states. Located outside of the 48 states? No problem – contact us with your FULL COMPLETE address (not just a zip code or postal code please), and we can price it out for you.

To order, just

Stay Cool (parts content inside)

1 Oct

Our buddy Rich, from NoHotWire Racing shared this info last night, that NISMO has released a real brake duct kit for the 350Z. They had a brake duct kit previously, but it was lackluster at best, so we never bothered to offer it. This kit sets a new bar, with carbon splindle ducts, full bracketry and hoses, for an all in kit. To get on the list, give us a call at (631)863-3820, or email to z1sales@z1auto.com

JDM @ LeMans

13 Jun

We’ve had a thing for SW20 MR2’s lately, and since LeMans was this weekend, what better chance than to showcase Sard’s MC8-R project from 1995. This car competed at LeMans, wearing a Lexus V8 -I believe twin turbocharged.

24 Hours of LeMans 2010!!!

11 Jun

The start of the race is tomorrow, and tensions are running high, as the wet weather envelopes Cirquit de la Sarth. If you’re bored at work and can stream stuff online, Radio LeMans always has great coverage. Sirius/XM is also carrying it on their channels this year too. Of course to view it live, Speed Channel here in the US is the place to be, with live coverage from 8:30 AM EST until 12:30, then it goes to SpeedTV.com for online streaming from 12:30 till 6:00PM, and then back to Speed Channel for live coverage from 6:00 PM EST until 9:30 AM Sunday for the finish

At the ‘Ring

6 Jun

One of our customers in Croatia sent over of some pics of their 350Z, and a few other cars on the famed Nurburgring in Germany. I can’t even imagine how much fun it would be to be at this legendary track, let along have the opportunity to take my car there! One can dream!!

You Tease!!

7 Feb

Eugene is a customer of ours from out in Cali that recently added a whole heap of goodness to his Z. New coilovers and Ings wheels came courtesy of us 🙂 He also added a new set of Stoptech’s – the result speaks for itself! Stay tuned for more pics of the car coming soon