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Carbon Accessory Done Right

27 May

We stick to selling stuff we would use ourselves, on our own cars. As a result, our quality meter is set on high at all times. All too often we see parts by no name brands that you can tell had no care put into them. Particularly when it comes to carbon fiber dress up. I’m not talking about motorsport level parts. When it comes to true carbon race parts, aesthetics are secondary to function. They are designed for ultra light weight, and if that means it’s not all glossy and shiny, or has a perfect weave around a tough corner, then so be it. But when it comes to carbon accessory pieces – those dress up items that you don’t need, but you like the look of, aesthetics matter.

This isn’t a new part, or a revolutionary part, but it does showcase what a nice carbon dress up piece should look like. APR has been in the carbon fiber game for years. The stuff is made here in the US, and rather than offering hundreds and hundreds of part numbers, they stick to certain key items and make sure they are the best they can be.

The item comes well packaged, The weave is consistent throughout the piece. I’ve seen similar carbon cooling panels for the Z, and they often have crappy weaves right around the mounting holes. Or they are not clear coated, so they end up fading over time with the heat of the engine bay. Not so with APR’s.

Some might be content to spend 50% as much and get a similar piece on ebay. What you end up with is less than 50% of the value of the part. Remember, value and price are not the same thing. Something can be expensive, and have tremendous value, and something can be cheap, and have no value whatsoever. You spent a long time to afford the car you drive. You have limited resources to make it ‘yours’, and customize it to your style. Why resort to the lowest common denominator and install junk? When you take your time to separate those pieces worth having, vs. those parts that merely exist, you end up with a car that not only looks good the day of the install, but 12 months, 24 months, 36 months down the road.

And by the way – this cooling panel isn’t particularly pricey either – $120 + shipping

Radiator Cooling Panel For 2007-2008 350Z!!!!

13 May

We’re the only ones who offer this! Don’t be fooled, the 2003-2006 cars use a totally different version and they won’t fit the later Z’s. We’re clearing out all remaining inventory on these and currently have matte black ($99 shipped in 48 states), or raw ($89 shipped in 48 states) finishes available.

To order, contact us at (631)863-3820, or via email at z1sales@z1auto.com