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Radiator Cooling Panel For 2007-2008 350Z!!!!

13 May

We’re the only ones who offer this! Don’t be fooled, the 2003-2006 cars use a totally different version and they won’t fit the later Z’s. We’re clearing out all remaining inventory on these and currently have matte black ($99 shipped in 48 states), or raw ($89 shipped in 48 states) finishes available.

To order, contact us at (631)863-3820, or via email at z1sales@z1auto.com

New Koyo Applications: 2008 + Evo X, 2007 + 350Z, 2003 + G35

7 Nov

These are now ready to go!

Koyo’s new radiators for the Evo X, 2007 + 350Z and 2003 + G35 feature full aluminum construction (so no crappy plastic endtanks like the OEM’s use!) and their tube and fin cores are extremely efficient. Contact us for yours, as they are ready to go!

Who is cooler than me?

1 Oct

Corny title but I finally picked up my ARC Radiator from the shop and had a chance to take a  picture.

There are a few of these floating around in the states but not many, probably because it costs 2-3 times the cost of most other aftermarket radiators for a Z. Ahhhh I remember the good ole days when the economy was doing well and I had some pesos in my pantalones . 🙂

ARC Radiator - Nissan 350z

ARC Radiator - Nissan 350z