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New Porsche Cup Car Video Test @ Monza

9 Jun




26 May



Porsche Reunion

21 Apr



13 Apr

Love the cow livery. Courtesy of


The Saudi Falcons

12 Apr

Some awesome door to door action, really nicely edited together

RennSport Rennwagen

29 Mar

Porsche has birthed their latest RSR for competition use



Too Much Booty in the Pants

19 Oct

It’s Not Easy Being Green

2 Oct

When you’re a rare as this piece of automotive artwork, green seems an appropriate color for the accents. Some cars try too hard with color contrasts. The 2.7 RSR does it with class, with pinache. Envy might be a sin, but who doesn’t look at this automotive art and not secretely covet her? Wonder who did the artwork for the Carrera lettering? Any design/Porsche-phile’s know?

You Win….Perfect

2 Oct

993 RSR
Flawless Execution

When OCD is an Attribute

20 Aug

We’ve blogged about this car before but it’s worthy of showing it in the element. The attention to detail is something many of us strive for when building our cars but few rarely achieve.

Watch the video and tell me that’s not one of the most sublime engine notes you’ve ever heard? Gives a Ferrari V12 (IMHO the sweetest note to not come from a musical instrument) a serious reason to turn around

Classically Cool

29 Sep

I first became aware of Freisinger at TAS 1999 believe it or not, when one of their customer RSR’s was on display, and just stared at me, teasing, for hours. It was then, and is now, one of the coolest cars I’ve ever laid eyes on. Now it’s for sale. This is Porsche perfection.