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Like a Glass of Sangria

4 May



Gorgeous FD3S with Rando Sports aero, running the long-since-discontinued, sorely missed, bronze beauties otherwise known as SE37K


Gran Turismo Omologato

14 Feb

One of Mazda’s 1990 LeMans entry


Smurf-Tastic RX7

25 Dec

RE Amemiya has steadily been upgrading one of their FD3S RX7’s during 2012.

New Aero and a recent heart transplant using an HKS T04 turbo, among other touches. Still sticking to the tried and true, albeit dated Apex’i Power FC. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix I guess!

Simplicity Never Goes out of Style

13 Nov

Embodiment of clean



7 Oct

A clean FC in an unlikely color….pulling it off wonderfully


3 Oct

And this is the car the Legacy Turbo was traded for – a 1997 GT with (as I recall?) a 2000 engine installed (stock engine had blown I believe, happened before I bought it). Shown next to Jon’s old RX7.

The Mistress Now Has a Sister

20 Sep

Got a call from a longtime client and friend from the Caribbean today. We’ve worked with him over the years on his RX7, Evo, even did some Volk wheels on his Ariel Atom a few years ago. Well, he’s got a new toy being delivered. He’s had his FD RX7 for the last 18 years, and it sees nothing but race duty nowadays. But there is nothing like a street driven RX7. En route to paradise is now a ’95 R2 with only 9,000 orginal miles. Pretty sweet. Stay tuned as the mods go forward with this new project.

Tuners View

1 Sep

Just a 9 Second Street Car – No Big Deal

23 Aug

I met the owner of this awesome RX7 through my brother. The two of them came to meet back when Jon was in college. Jon had his own share of rotary infatuation at that time, and was midway through the build on his first car – a very clean FC3S RX7. Anyway, this car has seen many different configurations over the years. In it’s current state, it’s kicking ass and taking names as a legit 9 second car that is actually driven on the street. Leather interior and all!

Can’t fault the background music – easily Radiohead’s best song (though this is a remix)

1/10th Scale Memories

29 Apr

Jon posted the pic of his new 280zx r/c car last week. Over the last few days he picked up an RX7 body and just finished the paint and detail work. Looks sweet!

I’ve had this Tamiya NSX in my closet for years now that’s still unassembled. One of these days I’ll get it wrapped up so we can tear around a parking lot- reliving our youth





I really like FDs

25 Nov

I just have no desire to deal with some of the problems associated with them…


Paradise by the Dashboard Light

22 Nov


Just got these in and they are hot!! For all you Haltech E8, EV12, and Platinum users, this is what I’d call a “must have”. Racepak and Haltech have now teamed up to make a plug and play configurable dash solution. All the cool features you have come to expect from Racetech, but in a more cost effective package.

This comes in 2 versions – one with datalogging and one without

The IQ3 dash represents an entirely new concept in data logging dashes. This uses Racepak’s exclusive smart sensor type, that means that only one small cable will transmit the data from all the sensors to the rear of the dash. For the customer, this means no bulky, heavy sensor wiring harness. All sensors transmit their data through a single cable (Vnet) which is routed to the rear of the dash. This eliminates the need for a sensor harness, greatly reducing installation time, complexity and overall weight.

The programmable shift lights are protected from sunlight by a molded shield above the lights, while the low glare LCD display is well recessed in the housing in order to provide viewing in all light conditions.

Haltech IQ3 Features:
– 32 Channels
– Programmable Shift Lights
– Programmable Warning Lights With On Screen Warning
– 24 Programmable Sensor Inputs On 4 Pages
– Programmable Channel Names
– Gear Indicator
– Predictive Lap Time
– Includes Software and Installation Manual
– Metric / Imperial Configurable
– Haltech CAN Communication Module built in ($375 Value!)
Priced at $695 SHIPPED!
Datalogging option:

All features from display-only IQ3 plus:
-512mb microSD memory card
-Data logging up to 32 channels at 100 samples per second
-GPS track mapping, speed, and lap times (no beacon required!)
-3 Axis G Meter Priced at $1440 Shipped!

To order your IQ3, Haltech ECU, or if you need a combo setup, let us know! ‘Tis the season and we’re making deals!

They definitely don’t make them like they used too…

21 Nov

some will say thats a good thing and some will say thats a bad thing.

What do you say?


RE Amemiya FD3S

17 Nov

Another Cockpit Tatebayashi Customer Car…


Clean and Simple

4 Nov

A cool photo of a sleek FD…