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What Dreams are Made of

6 Jan

No matter what kind of cars you’re into, car guys eat, sleep, and have a deep passion for all things motoring. The wives/girlfriends constantly lament that we’re spending so much time in the garage, often joking that we “live for the car”. Well some intelligent, car-guy developers in Singapore have now made that a reality.

The Hamilton Scotts Apartments Sky Garage Apartments are luxury living for the car-obsessed. Drive into the underground entrance, and you’re wisked upstairs, with your car, to your home. The building is 30 stories, with just 56 units. Pricing starts in the $9.5M (USD) range, and penthouses are in the $20M (USD) area. Doubtful that you’ll find the Griswold family station wagon there anytime soon

Massa, Massa, Mamma Mia!

28 Sep

Felipe Massa was spotted leaving the Singapore GP.  I thought these guys made serious money, but good to see he’s still grounded and rocking a solid American pickup

Poor Ferrari – not exactly their best showing today

F1’s First Night Event – Singapore Promo

16 Sep

Just got this sent to me from one of my customers overseas – absolutely amazing graphic work.  This was a promo Red Bull did to promote the Singapore Grand Prix that happens next weekend.  This is the first night race in F1 history, and I’m betting that it’s going to be an awesome event…the track layout looks amazing!