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Imagine if You Will….

16 Oct



….this car, in the midst of midtown Manhattan – the juxtoposition of classic JDM styling, blending artfully with the modern NYC skyline. No matter what new cars Japan throws at us in the coming years (and lately, there hasn’t been too much to get excited about), the old school is the best ‘new’ school there is.


Bad Like Yaz

16 May


A cool pic from one of our good friends in the Carribean with a couple of his project cars.

Grab some curried goat, slice up some plantains, pour some rum…and stare at the pic wishing you were there…..

I know it’s small…sorry!

R33 GTR For Sale

14 May

We are listing this on behalf of a good friend and client of ours as a private sale. Car is located in the Northeaster US, and has been well looked after and tastefully modded. Finished in Super Clear Red II, it features a Fujitsubo catback exhaust, Ohlins coilovers, Mines intake, electronic turbo timer and boost controller as well as Prodrive GC010E Forged wheels.

Asking price is $32,500.00. Delivery can be arranged at buyers expense anywhere in the world.

Serious enquiries can be sent to z1sales@z1auto.com


Skyline Summit

30 Dec


None More Black

17 Oct

Friend spotted this and sent the pic. Certainly is an amazing machine


COCKPIT Wako CPV35 Skyline A.K.A. G35

23 Oct

Handling Business

25 Mar

I just like this picture. That's it.

R34 WORKin a set of XD9s like they’re named Angelina…

24 Mar

Shouts to Mr. Yoshida on this post…

I spy SP1s…

8 Aug

…I think. I suck because I can’t find another picture of this car, oh well. I still like this picture enough to post it.


Tommy Kaira’d out Mignight Purple R33 V-Spec

3 Aug

Look at those aggressive gold CEs.

This car is the fucking Catilina wine mixer!!!


The Rat Pack

8 Jun

One more photo of the clean old-school cars I posted a few days back

Rat Pack

White R34…

30 May

I just really really love the way this car looks. I know my post title is lame but whatever, I’m tired and hungry.

All White Affair…

26 May

I effed up last night. It was late. I don’t know why I wrote Celica. I just looked at this picture again and realized that it’s two Skylines and a Fairlady. My bad guys.


R32 + XD9

18 Apr

Just cleaning up my inbox today and found these pictures Brendan snapped for us of the XD9’s we sent him.  Looks sweet on the clean lines of the R32!

R32 + Work XD9

R32 + Work XD9

R32 + Work XD9

R32 + Work XD9

KPGC-10 for sale at Bingo Sports

16 Jan

I wish all the stars were aligned so I could scoop this, because you know I would!