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Greddy Spectrum Elite (SE) Exhaust Systems…

27 Aug

Adam linked this to me a few minutes ago. We both agree that Greddy put together two great exhaust systems for their Spectrum Elite line so far and we hope that they continue on with this type of styling for the additional applications that they plan to service. As of now they currently only have systems for the ’09 STI and the EVO X.


Today’s sophisticated tuners want it all, and GReddy’s SE exhaust systems deliver the full spectrum of features desired in a street performance system. SE exhausts increase flow via tuned piping and larger, free-flowing mufflers for improved power, but provide discreet sound levels that won’t attract the wrong kind of attention. The exhaust note is comfortable and sporty, not loud.  Each application is tested and tuned for USA spec. vehicles, so fitment and sound is confirmed.   All SE Exhaust are test to be well below the 95dBA standard.  Our new smaller Spectrum exhaust tip(s) help disguise the system from the rear of the vehicle, but reveal show-quality appearance from the side and underneath. Whether you are cruising down the road or at wide-open throttle down the track, the Spectrum Elite is ready. Refined sound. Hard-hitting power.   Superb looks.  Excellent fitment.  GReddy quality.  – A true Sports Exhaust.

SE Applications: (more coming soon!)

Subaru STI 2009 70mm 1x sideways 4x
Mitsubishi EVO X 2009 70mm 2x sideways 2x

The quad tips looks sick on the back of the STI! If anyone is interested in any of these, drop us a line.