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Out of the Corner of My Eye….

28 Aug

Driving home the other day, I spotted this exceptionally clean 928. Had an exhaust, sounded wonderful. Can’t quite plate the wheels, perhaps they are the Club style? Anyway, it almost sounded boosted, and I spotted a gauge on the a pillar (boost?). Looked to be a late model with the revised front bumper and S4 style spoiler. While traveling he pulls up ahead a bit and on the back I spot the badge: 928GT. Interesting…very interesting. The GT was a limited run car Porsche made in 1989-1991. From what I have looked up only 150 were brought stateside. I’ve heard of them before but if genuine this would be the first I’ve ever seen. The GT had a 5 liter V8, 330hp, electronic rear LSD, and even TPMS. The Germans are always so far ahead of the curve with accessories like that.

I have always appreciated these cars – they have obvious road prescience, and they have aged extremely well. Particularly the later cars. They are 20-25 years old now and could easily pass for something far more modern. The engines are like cashmere – totally smooth, but pack a punch. While they are heavy cars, they are an awesome GT. I can’t think but help that the modem Aston/Jaguar/Maserati/BMW 6 series didn’t have a 928 somewhere in the back of the engineers mind when they were being designed. It’s an awesome long touring sports coupe. We had a client that had a very early car – a 1978 as I recall, which I was lucky enough to take out for a brief run years ago, after some work was completed. I would estimate around 1997-1998. I recall even today the V8 pulling solidly, even though it had all that mass to lug around, and the car being extremely tight.

First couple pics are from online I found. Last one is the only one I managed to grab while driving…apologies in advance for the crap quality – it didn’t seem that far away when I snapped it 😦