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Oooooohhh…..Ahhhhhhhh (Rare Rollers Inside)

6 Sep

Brand new from SSR Japan – the Professor SP1 in Spectrum finish! Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com for a set!

For the 350Z, available in 18×9.5 +25, 18×10.5 +18, or 19×9.5 +25, 19×10.5 +15

Also available in SP3 version as well!


5 Aug

You guys know how I love SP1s

Stand back, don't get your head bust...

Stand back, don't get ya head bust...


Another S30 with SSRs

29 May

Yeah so I’m on an old-school Z with SSRs thing today. Actually I’ve been sweating SSRs all week if you haven’t noticed.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks…

29 May

SSR Professor SP1(80)

27 May

I don’t like these 180SXs all that much, but I’d rock this one without a doubt.