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Take it to the Track

2 Mar

There was a recent article on Speedhuntersreporting on a local group of Honda owners in Japan who often do “fun runs” on their area roads.

To start, yes, we all know street racing is insanely stupid. Those of us who have done it, and lived to tell about it, know its dumb. Those who have lost loved ones know its dumb. Anyone who drives knows its dumb. Yet people still engage on it everyday, in every corner of the globe. It’s an unfortunate, but intrinsic component of car culture. It has been this way since the first teenager got a car.

With that said, the concept of track days is more popular than ever. The groups that organize such events are well staffed, and take safety very seriously. So why haven’t we ever seen a truly converted effort by groups such as SCCA, NASA, and others to work with their regional DMV’s, high school Drivers Ed programs, and area Auto-X and Road Race groups to promote safe racing? If such programs exist, and I am sure they do somewhere, they certainly are not well publicized. Which is truly a shame. This would be a great chance for these groups to raise their own membership ranks, educate the public, foster more enthusiasm for this awesome hobby/sport, and help their local communities.

Does anyone know of any such direct, in place programs in the US?