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Official Picture of 2015 Subaru WRX

11 Nov

Subaru teasing us with a snout shot of the upcoming 2015 WRX. Full reveal will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show beginning November 22.



Cusco Aluminum Differential Cover for your Subaru

28 Oct

Cusco has just introduced a billet differential cover for the Subaru
‘s using an R180 differential. This new cover is a direct replacement, offered in silver or anodized blue, and takes total fluid capacity to 1.2-1.3 liters (from .8-.9 liters). It features integrated heat sink fins to aid in keeping the rear fluid cool..which is essential for fluid life, differential life, and proper performance. It’s also thoughtfully pre-tapped M16xP1.5 holes for connection to an external oil cooler. Requires OE part #s Air breather cap 38354AA020 x1, Gasket (differential carrier) 38353AA050 x1, Gasket (T-type H3 & H4 oil temp sensor type only) 803920050 x2.

Priced at $816 in the 48 states.

Here’s the Scoop

26 Sep

Chargespeed carbon hood duct for the GC chassis Impreza as shown on a customer car. A great, stylish option for guys running a front mount (or non turbo guys just looking to change up the look)

From the “nah, they fit fine” Department

9 Aug



New Internal Engine Goodness for your Subaru

8 May

Tomei has recently released several new components for the Subaru EJ255/57 engines.

First up, their unique barrel forged piston set. The ellipse barrel shape profile was chosen from the advanced analysis of the analysis distribution of piston temperatures, material properties and the coefficient thermal expansion rates. This allowed our design to use much tighter piston clearances for maximum power range. This greatly reduces blow by gases, friction loss and no noise. This maximizes power and longevity of the piston. Specs: Bore diameter: 99.75mm, 19.5cc dome volume, 380 grams (503 grams with pin)

In concert with this new piston release comes their new EJ26 stroker kit. Tomei has made an option to include their Competition Bearing Series product with our kits. All the engine internals are brought to static temperature (20 degrees Celcius) and blueprinted with 0.040~0.060mm clearance bearings

To compliment the above components, Tomei also has released their newest headgasket design for the EJ 2.5 liter engines. They are all 101mm bores, and offer 4 possible thicknesses: .7, 1mm, 1.2mm and 1.5mm. These are all grommet/stopper types, which are a superior overall design to the OEM bead style. Priced at $114 per pair + shipping.

Contact us for availability at z1sales@z1auto.com for any of these items.

(Subaru) Crop Circles

8 Mar


Appropriate on a snowy day….


16 Feb

Doing some cleaning around the house last night I discovered this lurking in a closet, of all places. It’s now back on display where it belongs. It’s huge – nearly 4 feet long!


Trial Sports

7 Feb

tryr4One of the original widebody kits for the Impreza

Mom Jeans Strictly Prohibited

7 Nov

When the Forester came out, it was a New England mom’s dream. Now they could join the Subaru party and ditch the Chrysler minivan they had to endure in the past. But let’s face it, the Forester wasn’t much of a looker.

Then Subaru dropped in the Turbo 2.5 engine, and suddenly, some ears perked up. Now the car had a bit more of an edge. Some Hyde to go with the Jekyll. But the vehicle was largely lost in the wake of the WRX and STi. Of course we never got the cooler STi Foresters sold in Japan.

As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. So for those who wanted to Zig rather than Zag, people have began taking these Foresters and doing some cool things with them. Subaru’s are the VW’s of Japan – virtually everything swaps into everything else more or less.

While certainly not common to mod, this represents an awesome canvas for someone who wants a great platform to build on, has a budget in mind, and doesn’t want to go tearing into a brand new car. But, wants to maintain reliability, interior space, and the safety and performance benefits of AWD.


4 Oct

Neat cluster design from L’aunsport for the 08+ STi

Serenity Now

22 Sep

The same Subaru from our previous post, in it’s natural Touge element.

One Subaru’s Journey

22 Sep

Being stationed in Japan opens up a lot of opportunities for a car guy. Suddenly all the cars you’ve lusted at over the years in magazines you couldn’t quite understand, are nearly at your disposal. The roads you’ve memorized from watching the Best Motoring Touge DVD’s 1001 times are within driving distance. And the parts….oh the parts!

For a car guy, being able to serve your country, and do it in a country that is the foundation of everything that makes you go ga-ga car wise, would be quite a lot of fun. The guy who owns the car here is a car guy through and through. But his Subaru is what punches all the right numbers for me. Because it reminds me so much of my old RS. This car started life as a 2000 STi V6 Type R that when acquired, had a few mods. My own personal Subaru muse 🙂 The owner has steadily modified it over the years with tons of mods. 6 speed swap, EJ257 block (forged internals), AVCS equipped EJ207 heads (with Kelford cams), ATP 35R, big FMIC, coil on plug ignition, a full helping of STi Group N and Cusco bits, LINK programmable ecu (I had one of those too!). It’s quite a bit of kit as our friends on the other side of the pond would say. Fast forward a few years, and while out and about, the car is rear ended in a hit and run. What’s more, he’s now planning on headed back to the states later in 2012. So what is a car nut, totally in love with what he’s created in Japan, to do? The pics speak for themselves! He decided to totally strip it down, and take every nut and bolt, every covetted part, ship it back to the states (being military has it’s perks…the parts ship free!), and start over. Same soul, different skin. The plan upon return is to insert everything into a USDM car. I see visions of the Bionic Man playing in my head “we can rebuild it, we have the technology”.

Those of us who truly love our cars, believe they do have a soul. There is a connection you get when you plan it yourself, work on it yourself, that really brings you to another level with what was previously just a machine. When this car was built, I’n sure the current owner would not have though he would one day own it. And I am sure the soul of this car never could have contemplated it would leave it’s native Japan and get a chance to be reborn half a world away. Like 2 ships otherwise passing in the night, that just happened to stop and grab a cup of coffee together. The relationship with one’s car can truly be a “romance” if you will.

The reason for posting this, aside from it being a sweet example of a Subaru is to try to convey how passionate some are about their cars. Sometimes your project takes a twist and turn you never would expect, but that’s not a reason to give up. Sit down with a beer or 3, reasses the situation, and formulate a plan. When you’ve worked so hard on something, poured so many countless nights into a project, not even a the distance from the mountains of Japan to the US can keep a project down. Will definitely be following the rebirth once it begins here in the states.

Rally Driver Honored with World Record Attempt

18 Sep

This past weekend in Elk Rapids, MI, 355 Subaru’s of all shapes and sizes gathered to remember Matthew Noble Marker, a Rally America driver who was tragically killed during 2011’s Mount Olympus Rally event in Washington State. If it passes the Guiness Book higher ups, this will be a world record for most Subaru’s in a single parade. The cars gathered to spell out Matthew’s initials (MNM) and the #65, to commemorate his car number.

Subaru Ignition Refresh Kit

17 Sep

Subaru Ignition Refresh Kit

As the Subaru’s age, performance gets lazy and they don’t quite have the same spunk they did when they were new. Our Ignition Refresh Kit includes everything you need to gain that performance back. A brand new ignition coil, new NGK spark plugs, new NGK plug wires. Gainback some lost power and regain fuel economy well, all with one easy to install package. Available for all Legacy, Impreza and Outback Models! These will restore the lost spark and pep to your Impreza as well as improved fuel economy, and includes new Ignition Coil, New NGK wires and new NGK Copper Plugs. We can also provide Iridium or Platinum Plugs upon request for an additional cost. All parts carry a 1 year no questions asked warranty (excludes shipping).

1991-1994 Legacy 2.2 Turbo: price depends on what type of coil your engine has as there are 2 types. If you’ve got a 3 pin plug right on the coil itself, without any wire connected, price is $188 shipped in all 50 states. If your ignition coil has a 3 pin plug on a short pigtail wiring harness, your package price is $178 shipped in all 50 states.

1993-1997 1.8 liter: $157.00 shipped in all 50 states. Compare to dealership MSRP of $219.68 + tax

1995 2.2 liter: $178 shipped in all 50 states. Compare to dealership MSRP of $252.29 + tax

1996 2.2 liter: price depends on what type of coil your engine has as there are 2 types. If you’ve got a 3 pin plug right on the coil itself, without any wire connected, price is $188 shipped in all 50 states. If your ignition coil has a 3 pin plug on a short pigtail wiring harness, your package price is $178 shipped in all 50 states.

1997-1998 2.2 liter: $188 shipped in all 50 states.

1998 Impreza 2.5RS: $188 shipped in all 50 states. Compare to dealership MSRP of $258.81 + tax

1999-2001 2.2 liter and 2.5RS: $235 shipped in all 50 states. Compare to dealership MSRP of $298.92 + tax

We also offer this for the US Spec EJ20 and EJ257 STi engines.

To order, just give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email z1sales@z1auto.com.

Package deals offered with any of our other Master Kits including Timing Belt Master Kit, Valvecover Master Kit, Headgasket Master Kit

World Stage

10 Sep

Congrats to synth19, who’s a car nut through and through, and who’s awesome photography work has made it all the way to Varis Japan’s website! You can check out synth’s work on jdmchicago.com