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Getting Personal

1 Feb
Personal Pole Position: Black Leather, Red Suede, Red Stitched Logo

Personal Pole Position: Black Leather, Red Suede, Red Stitched Logo

Cheesy ass blog post title, but cool stuff inside. We’ve got some good deals going on right now for Personal/Nardi/MOMO and OMP steering wheels. Whether you need the wheel alone, or need a full combo with hub and quick release, we’ve got ya covered. From Mitsubishi to Nissan, Porsche to Subaru, we can put a package together for all of them, and then some.

Show here is the Personal Pole Position in Red Suede, with Black Leather and Red logo stitched across the top.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for your package!


Rare ‘Ish

28 May

This wheel is so cool it deserves it’s own post. Personal Fitti, 350mm, black suede, red stitching. Not too often you see it in this configuration, usually it has the yellow stitch. The attention to detail they put into these things is so nice, you have to touch it to appreciate it. The crossed stitches are perfectly symetrical throughout, the embossed “Personal” logo in the center. Plus, it’s got the offset center section, which further enhances it’s unique appearance. Aftermarket wheels like this are such a clean and simple way to dress up your interior and make it fresh again. And for your track whores, the suede rim gives much better grip than plain leather. 1 up for grabs if anyone wants it !