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Sunline Racing meets the Evo X

26 Jun

Sunline Racing has introduced a range of new parts for the Mitsubishi Evo X. Their stylish body kit features a mix of FRP and Carbon fiber, and is available as a full set, or as individual components. They also have a carbon paddle shift kit for the SST owners, allowing you to shift at the flick of a finger, while fitting an aftermarket steering wheel!

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New Year, New Brands

1 Jan

We’re starting 2010 off in a big way with 2 big additions to our products lineup

First up is J’s Racing. They are one of the most respected Honda tuners in the world, and offer some truly innovative products. With the FD and FG Civics continuing to gain popularity, we look forward to being a consistently well informed and reliable supplier for all your J’s needs!

Secondly, we’re adding Sunline Racing to the mix. Sunline is another firm that embodies the Japanese way of doing things – intense focus. They are well known worldwide for their Suzuki and Nissan offerings. Previously, these parts were difficult to obtain. We hope to change that. They have alot of neat products for the Z33, Z34 and R35 GT and we will quickly be adding these to our webite.

Any questions on either of these brands, let us know!

Out for the evening, heading to the dealer…

9 Jan

Sunline, you did it again…

The way every build should start…

16 Nov

Sunline Racing’s Z33, literally built from the ground up!