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When 1% Isn’t Enough

6 May


If you’re one of the lucky few who can afford a 12C, you sir, have just been one-upped. The car was announced last year, and it’s been in the archives for awhile, forgot to post it! The 12C Can Am Edition is a limited run of an already smaller litter. Derived from the 12C GT3 race car, this version adds 100 hp, and significantly more downforce thanks to revised aero all around.

When a bonkers supercar isn’t enough…..the sound is eargasm personified

The Other M(1)

16 Jun

Yesterday we showed one of BMW’s most coveted cars of the modern era – the 1M.

Here is an M creation from 3 decades ago. Built in conjunction with Lamborghini for homoloized racing purposes. Only 456 were ever made so seeing one in the flesh is a rare treat.



How the Beautiful People Play

2 Feb

Yesterday in Miami Beach, Lamborghini, purveyors of dreams for every adolescent male across the globe, celebrated their 50th year with the launch of the Aventador LP700-4 Roadster. It kicks off a 10 day long event that I am sure is filled with MILF’s, pomp and circumstance, that only the mighty bull can bring out.

Courtesy of freshnessmag.com

How To Paint a Supercar

26 Jan

a must see


6 Dec


I know it’s been posted all over, but this was some detailed footage. Sometimes it pays to just stay home instead of going to the meet

Poster Cars of our Youth Part 1: The Vector

5 Jun

The story of the Vector series is long and complicated complete with doses of racing aspirations, supercar claims, alleged financial impropriety…

But how many of you had a poster of this car on your wall growing up?