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Amusing…crappy title, cool car

13 May





24 Nov

Jon got GT5 this morning…of course

Not a bad ride to have… Pretty quick too

Bullrun 2009 NYC Start Photos…

16 Jul

Here are the photos from the start of the 2009 Bullrun Rally. Some cool cars.

Shaun’s Build … another Update from the Body Shop

29 Jun

Just a few updated pics from the body shop this weekend.  The Amuse pieces are primed and everything is blocked and just about ready to go.  Rich asked me to come up this weekend to make some misc choices for the car.  One of the most important decisions that I had to make was the color … and it’s going to be, drum roll please … BMW’s Alpine White.

I think Kwame and Adam have talked me into a small simple sound system, too.  You guys are a bad influence, lol.

What could have been…

23 Jun

I was cleaning up some old pictures and found these.  They were supposed to be my street wheels after the Superleggera kit was on.  Sadly, they won’t fit without running a stretch tire/ lots of camber and a huge spacer … and, I didn’t want to have to completely align the car every time I swapped wheels for a track day.

I have only one thing to say … sadface

Shaun’s Amuse Superleggera Update

9 Jun

Many thanks to Kwame for stopping by the body shop to snap some pics and perform a little maintenance.  

All of the pieces are being test fitted onto the car … and if I do say so myself, this is going to be one awesome looking car. And for our readers that may not know, this is the real deal – none of that fake junk going on here.

After seeing all of the pictures that Kwame sent over, I’ve come to the conclusion that I need a new exhaust as the Greddy Evo TT does not look right with the rear bumper. I also need to find a set of wheels for the street. The Fikse’s that you see here will be my track wheels – that’s right ladies and gents this car is going to see heavy use at the track. This list of things to do never seems to come to an end.

What’s next? Deciding on the right shade of white for the car.

Shaun’s Car is on the Move!

9 May

FINALLY!!!!! Today she finally left the shop, and now resides at the body shop that is going to fit and paint the Amuse Superleggera kit! Some quick shots of it being loaded onto the tow truck. He seems sorta blase about it, but Kwame and I are stocked to see this thing finished. As much as I love this car, and Shaun’s a close friend, it’s really good to have to space back

Size Matters

23 Apr

These are what Kwame’s tires hope to grow up to.  I won’t even comment on mind, since I’m only rocking 285’s, and thus, I’m not worthy for membership

305/35 R888 vs 295/30 PS2

305/35 R888 vs 295/30 PS2

The R888’s are for Shaun’s monster Superleggera car!

OG Stradale

5 Dec

We got into an interesting discussion today at work about the origin of some suffixes”you see on so many cars.  It began with us discussion “Superleggera”, which many now identify with Lamborghini, but in actuality, was a specific manufacturing process started back in the first half of the 20th century.  So I started thinking, what cars were the first to use interesting suffixes we might think of today.

Everyone who is into cars knows Ferrari’s 430 Challenge Stradale.  Stradale means street, and the name certainly makes sense, as it’s Ferrar’s street going version of the Challenge race car.  The first example I could find of Stradale being used in the name of a car was this stunning Alfa Romeo Type 33 (which interestingly is now part of the Fiat family, like Ferrari).  This is automotive art personifiedalfastradale

Interestingly enough, it also was one of the few cars to use the literal Superleggera production method, which consists of essentially a full tube chassis car, that the exterior aluminum panels then closely follow.  Aston Martin used them on several cars from the 50’s and 60’s, including the gorgeou DB5 (Bond, James Bond).  But back to this Alfa.  One of 14, yep, just 14, ever made.  And you thought your GTR might be rare!

Shaun’s Amuse Superleggera Build…. More Photos

12 Nov

You have to make sure that the fenders clear the wheels and the wheels clear the brakes before you take it too paint.

Sorry Shaun, I tried to wait for you to post these but you take too damn long. 🙂

*** Edit: BTW that is an Endless racing 6 caliper with a 370mm rotor!****