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Eibach Holiday Sale – Save 10%

9 Dec

Ends 12/31! All Pro Kit or Sportline Springs, and all Swaybar kits, get 10% off the purchase price from Eibach directly via a mail in rebate!

Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order!


Get Stiff Stuff!

18 Aug

GT Spec now has a bevy of suspension braces for the 2008+ WRX/STi. Everything from lower chassis braces, to adjustable control arms, trailing arms. Everything you need to keep the tires on the ground and the car pointing forward. Contact us for full details! All can be viewed on our site: http://z1auto.com/submodel.asp?model=wrx&cat=handling

No Bling

6 Oct

Whiteline Swaybars for 350Z/G35

14 Mar
Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

Whiteline Swaybars 350Z/G35 - Click to Order!

We just received our first batch of Whiteline adjustable swaybars for the 350z and G35.  I gotta say, I am very impressed!  My own personal ‘default’ sways up till this point was Cusco.  I’ve run these on my own car for several years and they have served me well.  My only 2 complaints, and they were minor, was the lack of adjustability out back, and the fact that they resused the stock bushings.  Over time, the stock rubber bushings begin to crack and degrade (as I found out last summer – urethane to the rescue!)

The Whiteline bars take a page right out of Cusco’s playbook, but steps it up a notch.   These are solid steel bars, not hollow like Hotchkis, etc.  Hollow bars work great as well – it’s really personal preference at the end of the day.  I personally like the heavier, solid bars as they help to further lower the center of gravity of the car, by placing the weight low in the chassis.

The Whitelines measure 32mm up front (2 way adjustable), and 20mm out back (3 way adjustable).  They have integrated collars front and back to prevent the sways from walking in their mounts.  Plus, they include urethane bushings front and rear, and all hardware needed for the install.

A nice setup that is fully adjustable – all at an awesome price!  Click the picture above to order yours.

Hotchkis Swaybars for 370Z!

2 Feb

We’ve got them in stock and ready to go!  Front sway is a fixed diameter, rear is 3 way adjustable.  These are hollow bars, so weight is kept to a mininum.  Includes all required hardware, bushings necessary for a bolt on installation!

Hotchkis Swaybars 370Z

Hotchkis Swaybars 370Z

These are in stock and ready to go!

Hotchkis Swaybar Set Evo X!!!

11 Dec
Hotchkis Swaybar Set Evo X 22440

Hotchkis Swaybar Set Evo X 22440

Arriving here first week of January  – Click the picture to place your preorder and reserve a set!

• Lightweight, Durable 1 1/4” (32mm) Tubular Front Bar 2 Way Adjustable, +50%, 70%
• Lightweight, Durable 1 1/4” (32mm) Tubular Rear Bar 3 Way Adjustable +155%, 195%, 245%
• Premium mounting hardware including, greasable polyurethane bushings and heavy duty brackets.
• Finished in durable anthracite powder coat.
• Brings handling excitement to your Evo X
• Dramatically improves steering and chassis response
• Increases stability, improves traction, reduces body roll by increasing front/rear roll stiffness
• Easy bolt-on installation.
Enhance the cornering performance of your EVO X with a set of Hotchkis Sport Suspension sport sway bars. Our sport sway bar package increases front/rear roll stiffness giving the car crisp, quick turn-in response and balanced handling. As delivered the EVO X has slight under steer and limited roll control. Sport sway bars give the driver the ability to rotate the car on corner entry and steer with the throttle when necessary. The dreaded under steer is eliminated and the handling becomes comfortably neutral with added traction during cornering. Hotchkis Sport Suspension sway bars feature a durable powder coat finish, greasable bushings, and brackets.




Are You Well Adjusted?

24 Sep

By now many 350Z/G35 owners know how poor the stock endlinks deal with stiffer than stock swaybars.  We’ve even seen customer cars where the stock endlinks have bent, and/or the bushings have worn when using only stock sways.  When you start hearing creaking over small bumps, popping noises, etc, that’s usually a surefire sign that the endlinks are shot.   I was among the first to report this issue on my own Z, and  started development work on our own links in 2007.  In doing the research, I acquired all the known aftermarket endlinks that I could find from Whiteline, SPL, as well as few units made by independant suspensions shops on their own.  While each design was certainly beefier than stock, it was clear that they all were going to eventually wear and make noise due to the type of design they were using.  We had used similarly designed links on other cars before, and knew there had to be a better way.  One of the links we acquired as part of our research came out of a small company in Michigan called Powergrid.  The owner had a long standing reputation in suspension engineering for such prominent firms as Roush Racing, and had come up with a design that combined OEM reliability, with full adjustability.  They were nothing short of amazing.  I used these on my own car for about 6 months before deciding to offer them to our client base.  Now we’re the exclusive dealer for the Z/G application.

Powergrid Endlinks 350Z/G35 - Click for More Info!

Powergrid Endlinks 350Z/G35 - Click for More Info!

These links use a genuine THK ball link end joing. Each THK Ball Link is composed of a high-precision ball bearing, a die-cast holder, and a shank connected to the ball by a special welding method. Through a unique production process, the mirror surface of the ball bearing is copied onto the inner mounting surface for perfect contact between them, achieving outstanding wear resistance, exceedingly smooth motion, and high strength.

Unlike the other, more common heim joint style units, these are fully sealed, never require greasing, and are completely water tight and dust tight. In addition, you never have to worry about these links developing noise issues down the road due to the design of their ball joint ends. The dual lock nuts on either end of the link means that the length of the link will not change over time, which can happen on other style endlinks which only use 1 lock nut. In addition, the other style links on the market are not sealed units, so dust, grime, sand, and moisture is ever present, and leads to increased NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) and limited articulation.

Since introducing these to the 350Z/G35 market, they have fast become the endlink to have for street and track use.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  Powergrids Porsche endlinks are now widely used throughout the PCA, as well as SCCA.  GM’s Chevy Cobalt SS Teams have dominated the ST2 class using these links, and they have been prominently used throughout NASA, and other series. 

Any questions, drop us a line at z1sales@z1auto.com, or on AIM (z1auto, kwamez1auto) and we’ll be happy to assist you!  We can offer a wide range of links from Audi to Volkswagon, and we’re always interested in developing more applications!