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7 Mar




TE37TTAZ33BVolk has been constantly evolving the venerable TE37 over the years. The latest versions are the TE37RT and the TE37 Tokyo Time Attack Progressive Model.

The RT is slightly heavier vs the standard SL, but 6% more rigid. This makes it particularly well suited for track use, and particularly cars running stiffer springs and slicks or R compounds.




The TE37 TTA Progressive Model features a gorgeous black finish with polished lip, etched “Volk Racing Original” logo in the spokes, and unique graphics.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for pricing and applications available for these limited wheels.


A Splash of Color Makes All the Difference

31 Jan

This awesome specimen belongs to a good customer of ours down in Florida. Way too many mods to list, but the pics speak for themselves.

Featured 350Z

19 Aug

One of our good customers and friends out on the west coast just had his car featured on night-import.com

Official like a ref with a whistle…

9 Jul

I’m loving how this E46 M3 looks on the new Volk Racing TE37Sls. The wheel sizes are 18 x10.5 +20 all around for those who are wondering.

The hood is pretty nice too…

Source: Minkara

Ready for Primetime

23 Jan

Just got this picture from our customer Alex down in Georgia. A few weeks back we sent him a NISMO V3 bumper, and here are the net results. 19×9.5/10.5 (+22?) gunmetal TE37’s, and out back, a Blitz spoiler. Sometimes less is more and with the gleaming black paint, I love how cleanly it all flows.

Car looks awesome, keep up the good work!

Trial Sports Exige

23 Aug

Love what they have done with the car. The paint/graphics scheme is hardcore, retro and modern at the same time – love it!

Neck Snaps Inside

6 Aug

One of our customers on the west coast just posted some updated pics of his amazing 350z a couple days ago. We’ve been proud to have him as a customer, and you certainly have to admit the man has taste! What I love is that he clearly had a vision when he was picking out the direction to take his Z. All too often, you see Z’s that have a couple of neat parts, but they just don’t flow. Instead, they look like they were just throw together with whatever the flavor of the minute was. Joe’s car on the other hand, just flows.

Chargespeed aero kit, with the whole car finished in gunmetal, very rare APP Japan brakes with titanium finish, black TE37’s, black Chargespeed mirrors..oh, and the APS Twin Turbo kit under the hood…it gets to be a long and impressive list!

We’ve got some stuff coming to Joe soon which will give the car even more prowess when it’s actually in motion. When it looks this good sitting still though, you can’t help but just admire. I know if I saw this on the L.I. Expressway, I’d want to know more!

Mr. Met…or Mr. Knick?

6 Mar

Cheston representing NY Sports team over in Cali, lol!

Seriously no one but you can pull this color combo off. It fits your energetic personality.

And in the Beginning….

31 Jan

We don’t normally think of Hyundai as being a “hot” manufacturer, but I must say – they nailed it with the Genesis coupe.  It obviously took many years of selling POS Excel’s and Scoupe’s to be able to manufacture something this attractive!  It’s a better proportioned version of the G35/37 in my opinion.  A good customer of ours just forwarded us some pics of some modded Genesis coupes.  If pricing is on point, this should be a good selling car for them.

White R34, White TE37s, Blue Endless BBK

17 Nov

Cockpit Tatebayashi Customer Car


Nice Setup? or Trying too Hard?

15 Oct

Picture Source: My350z

I love the wheel fitments on this car but I can’t say I am a fan of the color combination. I’d like to know what others think.

Edit: More pictures courtesy of Honda-Tech

E92 M3 + TE37s = Nasty

4 Oct

All I want to say is that this wheel is truly timeless. ***Drops the mic***

*Pictures courtesy of 6speedonline

China White…

3 Oct

I was looking through my hard drive and found these pictures of a my350z.com forum members’ car that I saved. What I love most about this car are the white Volk TE37s. He went pretty aggressive with these (19×9.5/19×10.5, +12 offset all around) I love the wheel fitments (perhaps because its the same wheel and seizes I choose to go with on my own personal car, difference being mine are mag blue 🙂 ). Other mentionable modifications to this car are the amuse front bumper and the Seibon hood 😦 .