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Apex’i VFD Display Meter Set

19 Sep

New from Apex’i Japan, this neat DIN sized VFD meter display shows Oil Temperature, Water Temperature and Oil Pressure. All sensors and required wires are including for installation, and an optional extension harness is offered for custom mounting. These have all the great features you would expect such as peak hold and user-programmable warning settings. The unique Gradation function means the gauge displays change color as temperature thresholds are met. For temperature display, the color changes from blue (Cool) → green → yellow → Red (Hot). For pressure display, the color changes from green (Low)→ yellow → Red (High)

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours!


Who Remembers These?

16 Jun

From the mid 90’s to about 2002 ish, these were the gauges to have. GReddy Electronic. They were pretty affordable, electronic, easy to read, and very reliable. I dug up a couple of these today at the shop, that we still have.

52mm Electronic Temperature – reads from 30C-150C (86F to 302F). Black face, lights up green. Great for oil temperature, transmission temperature, etc. New in the box, includes sensor, etc. Part # 16001008 – $50.00 gets it!

52mm Electronic Pressure – reads from 0-140 PSI. Black face, lights up amber. Part # 16001020. $50.00

We’ll even comp the shipping in the US (all 50 states!)