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AME FS01 and TM02 Availability + New Colors!

18 Jul

Currently have a very limited quantity of the AME FS01 and TM02 Lightweight Sport wheels available for many popular cars. The TM02 now is available in limited sizes in gold and in a new size (18×11 +10)!

TM02 sizes include (all 5×114.3 bolt pattern):

17×9 +44, 17×9 +54 in gunblack (gunmetal grey) or hypersilver
18×9 +15 in gloss black, gunblack, hypersilver white or gold
18×9.5 +22 in gunblack or hypersilver
18×10 +15 in gloss black, gunblack, hypersilver white or gold
18×10.5 +22 in gunblack or hypersilver
18×11 +10 in gloss black, gunblack, white or gold
19×9.5 +22 in gunblack or hypersilver
19×10.5 +22 in gunblack or hypersilver

FS01 sizes include (all 5×114.3)

18×9 +25 in gloss black
18×10 +25 in gloss black or hypersilver
19×8.5 +40 in hypersilver
19×9.5 +40 in hypersilver

These are a very limited run so don’t miss out – often the wait time can be months on these! Why wait, get ’em quickly.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for all your AME Japan wheel needs


AME Wheel Fall Closeout Part I

11 Nov

In order to make room for new inventory, we’ve got the go ahead by AME Japan to do clearance sale going on for all in stock AME wheels. AME is a division of Enkei Japan, and they make a variety of sports and VIP oriented wheels for a wide range of cars. All prices include shipping in the 48 states. For points outside the contiguous 48 states, please contact us via email or PM with your full complete address. All details are listed. No other sizes/colors/offsets are available, sorry. Once they are gone, they are gone for good!

1. AME Circlar Spec R, 19×10 +15 offset all around, matte black with polished lip and blue with polished lip available. MSRP is $3580.00, we’re blowing them out for $1699 shipped!!!

2. Circlar Spec R 18×8.5 +30 all around, gold with polished lip. Great for a G35/G37 sedan, or if you don’t mind running spacers (we have those in stock too!) MSRP is $3080, we’re letting them go for $1498 shipped!!!

3. FS01 18×9 +25, 18×10 +25 – bronze. One of the 18×9 is a display piece (had a tire mounted on it), the other 18×9 and the 18×10’s are brand new. MSRP is $2880, we’re letting them for $1145 shipped

4. FS01 18×9 +31, 5-114.3 – bronze and hyper silver available. MSRP is $2880, letting them go for $1250 shipped


Hyper Silver

5. TM02 19×10.5 +22 all around, gunmetal – MSRP is $3340, these are being blown out for $1940.00 shipped

Orders can be placed via credit card (just give us a call at 631-863-3820) or paypal to z1sales@z1auto.com

First come, first served only


For Cheston… Another Voltex Wing Photo

6 Mar


Speaking of which… WTF Voltex, whats really good with your brake kit?

They need to step it up with their brake kit with such an over the top body kit and the open design of the TM-02s. That carbon front piece is dope as hell though.


Sti Meets TM02

31 Oct

Heavily Modified Subarau WRX STi fitted with Matte Black (Limited edition) Ame TM02s

AME TM-02…

9 Sep

Kent from AME just sent us some more photos of these wheels installed on different vehicles. The name of the wheel “TM-02” stands for Tracer M.A.T. Version II. These wheels are made using Enkei’s proven proprietary M.A.T. wheel forming process. which improves the material properties of the wheel and its overall performance characteristics.

I really like these wheels, especially on the Invision EVO.

Here is some more information the M.A.T. process used to make these wheels:



If you have any questions regarding general information on these wheels or any other lines we carry please feel free to e-mail me at Kwame@z1auto.com or shoot me an IM at my AIM screenname “Kwamez1auto”; or contact Adam at z1sales@z1auto.com or at “z1auto” on AIM.