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New Twinscroll Downpipe for Subaru

20 May



This newly revised twin scroll downpipe from Tomioka Racing eliminates the post-turbo cats and is a great bolt on for those who have swapped in JDM V7/V8 engines or who have switched to the twin scroll turbos. It’s thoughtfully made as a US length unit allowing it to bolt up to any popular exhaust sold here (Borla, HKS, Greddy, Apexi, Magnaflow, Invidia etc)

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Strengthening the Weak Link in the Chain

25 Apr

Tomioka Close Ratio Gearset Subaru WRX

Subaru’s have proven themselves on the rally circuit, the track and the street as fun to drive, easy to modify, and easy to own enthusiast cars. The once utilitarian brand has emerged as a cult car, and has a massive following. Any go-fast goodie you can think of is offered for these awesome vehicles. With increased power, you soon find the practical limits of the surrounding parts. The one part that seems to be plagued with problems as torque and horsepower is significantly increased is the transmission.

Thankfully, Tomioka Racing has their 5 speed semi helical cut set available for the 1998-2005 WRX. It uses a SNAM420 Alloy steel, to give terrific strength, and smooth shifting, without the whining noise of a full straight cut set. This is a very close ration gearset as shown by the ratios:

1st 3.272
2nd 2.285
3rd 1.667
4th 1.238
5th 0.958

Priced at $2442 + shipping. Comes complete with all parts shown. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order yours.