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Track Toy + Daily Driver

21 Oct

Pic submitted by one of our customers down south. Shown at Barber Motorsports Park at a recent track day, this car is also his daily driver



Top Secret!

16 Jun

A very rare version of the famous Works Bell Rapfix II Quick Release. This is not cheap, we know, but this is also not a common part, and not something that anyone else in the US has in stock right now. The wait times are usually huge as well. And yes, I am aware other places have it on their website for less…which is just an indicator that they have not ordered it in a long, long, long time, and don’t know what today’s cost on the item is given the exchange rates, etc. This is made by Works Bell for Top Secret and is finished in their signature Gold color. The only place to get this is through Top Secret. Allows 1 touch removal of your aftermarket steering wheel!

Priced at $540 shipped to all 50 states. To order just give us a call

Need a hub to go with it? Let us know – this will mate to any Works Bell short hub for the 350Z, or any other car

COCKPIT Wako CPV35 Skyline A.K.A. G35

23 Oct

Top Secret Japan R35 GT-R Product Line

3 Oct

Contact us if you are a GT-R owner and you see something here that you would like to purchase.


My Fairlady (err, ladies)

23 Jun

One of our long term customers up in Canada sent over these pics last night. Him and a buddy took some sweet shots of their Z33’s. Does it get any better than 2 friends, enjoying their cars, in the nice weather? It’s what the hobby is all about! Cars are looking sweet guys, thanks for the pics.

Clean S15

25 Aug

These cars just always look modern and fresh to me. A gorgeous shape that I think will age really well. Too bad they never brought them here legally!

I’m really over the whole exposed carbon thing for big body panels, but paint the hood to match and I’d rock this car in a hearbeat as it sits. This ones got some nice mods performed by Top Secret, including their 2.2 stroker kit and HKS GT-RS turbo.

San Marino Blue

15 Nov

This is definitely my favorite Z33 color.

New present for my car!!!

27 Oct

My Top Secret HR Aero Bonnet was delivered today. I know I’m not DOING IT like some of you big dogs out there being that I purchased the FRP version as opposed to the Carbon. Truth be told I don’t plan on having any exposed and unpainted carbon fiber parts on my car aside from my Craftsquare mirrors and my Nismo B-Pillars so i did not see the sense in spending the extra coin for the carbon version.

This bad boy is lighter than the stock hood and even comes with hood pins and a rain guard for the mesh opening.