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Two Clean Supras, One Owner

30 Oct

Saw these on 6speedonline courtesy of their owner “Streetking” (He also owns the 550 Maranello in the Fikse Wheel Post). Gorgeous cars…

You only live Twice

24 Oct

Toyota 2000GT “The First Japanese Supercar.” A Yamaha and Toyota collaboration and the first Japanese car to be fitted with power assisted disc brakes.

How many cars can say they have had a featured role in a James Bond film? Not many, but this one can.

The things I would do just to say I own one of these.

Damn Toyota and their current marketing strategy towards conservative car buyers.

Well Aged Supra…

9 Oct

I saw these pictures of this Supra from the JDM Theory 2008 Japanese Festival and all I could think to myself is wow that car is very clean, especially for a car that has to be at least 10 years old. I’m not a big Supra fan but I have to say i love the way that this car looks aggressive and clean at the same time. This is the exact look I hope to achieve when my Z is done. This Supra is a fine example of how to keep an aged body style looking fresh.

Picture Sources:

Club Lexus Forum, My350z

So I totalled my daily driver…

6 Sep

Most of you don’t know about this, but on Wednesday morning I got into a pretty bad accident in my ’07 Toyota FJ Cruiser. It was my daily driver and I “think” its totaled, I will find out on Wednesday for sure.
I got hit by another driver in a Ford Explorer and I wish I could recant the events of the accident but I honestly do not remember what happened. I blacked out when I got hit. In any case I came out with very minor injuries (broken/fractured neck (c4/c5 break for those of you in the medical field), soreness in my back, a minor bruise on my left wrist, some slight loss of hearing in my left ear (might be temp. obviously I am not sure yet) and a tingling in my left hand thumb) and the other driver also survived although I do not know the extent of her injuries.

My plans as of right now are to make a full recovery and to finish up my big 350z project and not to purchase another car. The reason why I’m not looking to pick something else up is because I might be moving into NYC soon so there might not be a need, we shall see. Look out for major progress on my Z project!

Without further ado, pictures of the damage…

R.I.P. My 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser