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Stance Will Make Her Dance

16 Feb


The song is ratchet and cheesy as hell, the car is anything but. The amazing Z belonging to a close friend and customer down south, basking in the final moments of sunlight at Barber Motorsport Park. Even though her heart is aching right now, she may live to race another day before going under the knife for surgery. Stay tuned


Una Bella Rinascita

5 Nov


When JDM Meets NASCAR: Full Split

3 Oct

A close friend of ours down south has a 350Z. For the last several years it served as faithful daily driver, and weekend track slut. Now that the stars have aligned, and a truck now handles daily driving duties (and doubles as the track-rig on the weekend), the Z has been relegated to primarily track use only. He runs the car all over the Southeast, and despite the fact that it (for now) is still a stock engine with some bolt on’s, it’s wildly competitive. The reason? Intelligently selected modifications. Everything on the car has a purpose. Nothing was selected by accident, and in several cases, it took some trial and error of different components in order to come up with the faster combination.

The car was recently in NASCAR country, North Carolina, for a recent round of upgrades, including a differential and ring and pinion change. While there, a former NASCAR tech got hold of it, and using some fabrication skills and NASCAR carbon splitters (the rear deal), this was the creation. Next set of shakedowns is a few weeks ago at Barber, stay tuned!

Koni Sale: 350Z and G35

15 Aug
Koni Yellow Sport Shock Set 350Z/G35 Coupe

Koni Yellow Sport Shock Set 350Z/G35 Coupe

We’ve got a single set of the famed Koni Yellow sport shocks on special right now. Front/Rear set to suit 2003-2008 350Z (all models) and 2003-2007 G35 coupe. These are the best bolt on sport shocks available for these cars, and now at a price even better than before.

To order just drop us a line at z1sales@z1auto.com. Worldwide shipping also available.

Time to Attack

3 Aug

Dodge (err, SRT) has a longstanding history of limited run Vipers than take the sultry beast from standard to track day. From the ACR coupes of the past, to the GTS-R, these have all turned the never-tame snake from bruiser to near race car status. The trend now continues with the new SRT Viper T/A. Looking like its ready for a GT class race right out of the showroom. It’s one of their best looks to date IMHO.

The math: a bit portly at 3348 lbs, but then the 8.4 liter V10 will easily propel it rapidly. 640 hp, 600 ft/lbs of torque. Only 33 produced.


Track Days

1 Jun

Recently a good client and customer attended an event at the games Road Atlanta. While the car is used for frequent track days, he does still daily drive it as well. Showing you can have your cake and eat it to with some careful planning.









Hot, Loud, Raw, and Red

7 May

California dreaming……

If Heaven Had a Sountrack

14 Mar

This would surely be it

Take it to the Track

2 Mar

There was a recent article on Speedhuntersreporting on a local group of Honda owners in Japan who often do “fun runs” on their area roads.

To start, yes, we all know street racing is insanely stupid. Those of us who have done it, and lived to tell about it, know its dumb. Those who have lost loved ones know its dumb. Anyone who drives knows its dumb. Yet people still engage on it everyday, in every corner of the globe. It’s an unfortunate, but intrinsic component of car culture. It has been this way since the first teenager got a car.

With that said, the concept of track days is more popular than ever. The groups that organize such events are well staffed, and take safety very seriously. So why haven’t we ever seen a truly converted effort by groups such as SCCA, NASA, and others to work with their regional DMV’s, high school Drivers Ed programs, and area Auto-X and Road Race groups to promote safe racing? If such programs exist, and I am sure they do somewhere, they certainly are not well publicized. Which is truly a shame. This would be a great chance for these groups to raise their own membership ranks, educate the public, foster more enthusiasm for this awesome hobby/sport, and help their local communities.

Does anyone know of any such direct, in place programs in the US?


Laying in Wait

26 Feb


In Tow

29 Oct

Got a track day car, looking for an affordable way to install a required tow hook? Check out this awesome universal Racetech Tow Loop. Made from plyable 5000kg webbing. Approx 350mm long and 50mm wide. Available in red with embroidered Racetech logo.

Priced at $42.50 shipped in the 48 states. Contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com to order.

Baby on Board…..No Seriously

20 Mar

Jon spotted this yesterday – peep the tires marked for left/right and the baby seat. At least some out there use a dual purpose car for 2 cool purposes



Got Brakes?

4 Oct

Ferodo is a UK based company that was founded in 1897, and was the world’s first manufacturer of friction based products. They offer a series of pads for street, track, auto-x use. From the venerable DS2500 clubsport pad, to the more track oriented DS3000, we can supply you with the pads you need, at a great price. Ferodo is one of the few brands to also offer pads for stock and aftermarket calipers. We know that sometimes it can be tough finding a suitable pad worthy of buying for your afternmarket kit. So, whether your Z or G has base model brakes, or factory Brembo calipers, or you’ve got an aftermarket kit from Brembo, AP Racing, Endless, Wilwood or others, we can help! Got a motorcycle? Let us know!

Trackday Setup Accessories

13 Jul


Having the right tools, on hand, can make or break your day at the track. You've spent tons of money, and time, on parts, entrance fees, tires, hotel, transportation. Make sure you've got the right parts on hand to setup, and adjust your car the way you want it!

We are now offering a variety of setup tools to help you. From pyrometers and tire gauges, to camber and bump steer gauges, we can supply any of your track day prep needs.

When our new site rolls out, we will have a dedicated section for car setup and prep. In the meantime, feel free to browse our site here for tire related tools and accessories: http://z1auto.com/submodel.asp?model=350z&cat=wheels

and here for chassis related tools and accessories: http://z1auto.com/submodel.asp?model=350z&cat=handling

If there is something you want, that you don't see – just ask!

More Track Day Shots

7 Jun

This time, an Evo customer of ours from Italy. Actually Cosimo has been a customer for many years now, first with his 350Z, and now more recently with his latest acquisition, an Evo VII. He’s been steadily building it since last year and it’s shaping up nicely! The last batch of stuff we shipped included some track day tires and a Bride Gias seat.