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Evo Mini Meet

27 Apr

This past week, a bunch of our local Evo crew got together, as they do every week. OG’s mix with new members, and it’s a very relaxed, calm atmosphere. Just bs’ing, grabbing some coffee, and talking about mods, forum clowns, and life in general. Some pics courtesy of Illmatic (what up Alchy!)

Someone tell Mike he needs to be lowered with the quickness!

Brandon Gets Low…..

2 Mar

Just got a few pics from Brandon, local customer and friend of ours.  I think this is his 10th Evo lolol….seriously though, he’s had a few.  The latest is a gorgeous, and rare RS model. 


He’s been working furiously on the car the past few months adding all sorts of goodies.  Most recent additions were our Blacktop Aero carbon lip,JDM Evo 8 MR headlights and some new BC Racing coilovers. 

The nice thing about coilovers is that you can slam it down for some nice photo’s, then raise it back up a bit for daily use.  Brandon does drive this everyday here in NY.