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Who Remembers These?

16 Jun

From the mid 90’s to about 2002 ish, these were the gauges to have. GReddy Electronic. They were pretty affordable, electronic, easy to read, and very reliable. I dug up a couple of these today at the shop, that we still have.

52mm Electronic Temperature – reads from 30C-150C (86F to 302F). Black face, lights up green. Great for oil temperature, transmission temperature, etc. New in the box, includes sensor, etc. Part # 16001008 – $50.00 gets it!

52mm Electronic Pressure – reads from 0-140 PSI. Black face, lights up amber. Part # 16001020. $50.00

We’ll even comp the shipping in the US (all 50 states!)


Premium Mystic Maroon…

29 Oct

or as it is better known here in the U. S. of A. Interlagos Fire. Definitely one of my favorite colors for one of my favorite cars 🙂

This is a nice example of a PMM Z33 from Japan. As far as I can see this car has been fitted with Volk GTC wheels (classics!), Bride seats, a Voltex Type T Spoiler, Ings Type E Front Bumper, Trust/Greddy Sideskirts, a Kei Office Rear Bumper and an Amuse Exhaust.