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Isle of Mann TT 2009

12 Jul


We’re all about cars, but overall, everyone here has fuel running through their veins. Billy, one of the guys that works for us, has had tons of bikes over the years, and has some amazing creations (the most radical being a totally worked 7-11, an 1100 cc engine in an old school 750 cc chassis…it’s an animal (I’ll do a feature on it soon)! I had a ZX6R for one summer in school, till it dawned on me that you can’t really live a bike outside in Albany winters!

For 2 weeks every year, the Isle of Mann comes alive with the smell of fuel, tires, and the screaming sounds of massive revs. The greatest part, is it all takes place on public roads, and the crowds are right up at the action – very reminscent of what the old days were like in rallying. This year, the event took place between May 30 and June 13. All sorts of things race during this time. Karts, sidecars, and of course, the best motorcycles in the world. If you’re a gearhead, this must be a fantastic event to visit. The scenery looks absolutely out of this world as well!

Check out these promo videos – sick stuff – these guys have got brass ones!


There is tv coverage in the US on Discovery HD Theater, every Monday from 9-10 PM!


Turn My Swag On…

31 Jan