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Nice, Rod (Cleared to Perfection Part II)

8 May

A few months back I posted up some pics of the CE28N Genesis wheels that we cleared for our good friend Rod. He stopped by a few days ago to show me how they look mounted. Time for the Stoptech rear BBK and maybe some bronze accents to really tie it all together? Rod, next time you’re by, remind me, I have the Anniversary Edition “Z” side emblems that would go really nicely.

This is a perfect street car IMHO – clean, classy, single turbo so it has some get up to it…and reliable! Sorry for the crappy pics, my battery was dying ūüė¶

CJ Motorsports Fuel Systems Back in Stock

25 Apr

Just got a new batch of the best fuel system on the market for your NA or FI 350Z and G35

They are offered in Stage 0 as well as Stage 1 and Stage 2 configurations

Self Explanatory

22 Dec

Classic Z1 – Part 1: Drag me to Hell

1 Nov

Over a series of posts, we’ll take a look back to where Z1 Performance began.¬† We’ll chronicle some of the projects, and events from back in the day and share some old photos and stories along the way.

Z1 Performance, the brainchild of a few die-hard Datsun fanatics, saw Adam’s 1979 280ZX as a veritable guinea pig in a project that would strive to blend old school and new in a timeless package.

Mike was the owner of Z1 at the time and an experienced mechanic.¬† Along with Billy (an equally knowledgeable tech) they had been restoring, repairing, modifying and racing Z-cars for years prior.¬† They had the experience, parts and knowledge required to get this project off the ground.¬† Together with Adam’s vision, they targeted the ultimate street car of the time; the 993 911 Turbo, capable of running mid 12-second 1/4 runs with a full interior, A/C, and stereo.

This ZX was not destined to be a trailer queen.¬† Rather, it would be a fully functioning daily driver as comfortable cruising to work as it was on the drag strip.¬† As the project grew legs, progress was made quickly.¬† It wasn’t long before we were all spending Friday nights at Long Island Dragway for test-and-tune.¬† The boys would have hours to make countless runs, note changes and results.

Phase 1 was simple: Turbocharge the higher compression N/A 280zx motor using OEM Datsun turbo parts along with a rising rate adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Phase 2 required the stronger Turbo motor’s internals, a front mount intercooler (Starion core) high flow fuel pump, larger turbo and a programmable ECU (Electromotive TEC II).

Phase 3 would bring along a fully built motor, aggressive cam, massive injectors, larger turbo and intercooler plus loads more boost.

Once armed with the ECU, Adam scoped out the few dyno’s available in the area at the time and gain some experience tuning the L series for boost.¬† We’ll have to search for dyno sheets!

Success wasn’t always the name of the game, and driving the ZX to and from events and testing would often mean long nights prepping and repairing.¬† I recall one particular test session at LI dragway when the original N/A tranny finally let go…after perhaps one run.¬† After a tow back to the shop (and a large bill), Mike and Bill had another tranny bolted up in under and hour and we drowned our sorrows with pizza and beer.

Through it all, we built not only fast cars, but solid friendships that would stand the test of time.  While Mike and Bill have since moved on to other careers, they are still very much a part of the Z1 family and continue to offer their assistance, experience and knowledge in their free time.

LI Drag1

Is it a prybar or a boost controller?

LI Drag3

Likely waiting for an authentic LI Dragway hotdog in between runs

LI Drag2

Sitting pretty!

LI Drag4

There we go!

LI Drag7

That's right, a brushed aluminum gas cap in '96. Z1, setting trends!

LI Drag8

Compensating for something?


Now that's competition!


Would this be called "attack mode?"


Who won the holeshot?



Z1 Dyno 1

On the dyno, after a quick stop at the airport for jet fuel! No joke.

Z1 Dyno



All of it, impossible without this man (Mike). That hat was stlyin in '96!

HKS 370Z Hi-Power Ti Exhaust & Genesis Intercooler

6 Oct


HKS expanded its products offerings for the Nissan 370z and Hyundai Genesis Coupe. New for the 370z HKS developed a Hi-Power Ti cat-back exhaust, Hipermax III coilovers, Racing Suction intake, and Legamax Premium rear section exhaust. For the Genesis Coupe 2.0L Turbo HKS designed and released a Type S intercooler kit, Legamax Premium exhaust, and Racing Suction intake.

HKS 370z Products

Product: Legamax Premium 370Z (SUS304 Rear Section Only / requires modification or removal of rear emissions canister shield)
Part #: 32018-AN017
MSRP: $1110.00

Product: Dual Hi-Power Ti Exhaust (requires removal of emissions canister shield)
Part #: 32009-BN004
MSRP: $2395.00

Product: Hipermax III 370Z
Part #: 80140-AN013
MSRP: $2250.00

Product: Racing Suction Reloaded Kit 370Z (AT model not tested)
Part #: 70020-BN012
MSRP: $895.00

Product: Super Hybrid Filter
Part #: 70017-AN004
MSRP: $70.00

HKS Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0L Turbo

Product: Legamax Premium Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T & V6 (Rear Section)
Part #: 31021-KB002
MSRP: $795.00

Product: Legamax Premium Exhaust Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Coupe (Rear Section & Center Pipe) Set
Part #: 31021-KB001
MSRP: $995.00

Product: S-Type Intercooler Kit Genesis 2.0T
Part #: 13001-KB001
MSRP: $1495.00

Product: Genesis Coupe 2.0T SSQV 3 Kit
Part #: 71007-KB001
MSRP: $370.00

Product: Circle Earth Ground System Genesis Coupe (Limited Edition Red Wiring)
Part #: 48004-KB001
MSRP: $135.97

Product: Racing Suction Reloaded Intake Kit (2.0L Turbo)
Part #: 70020-BB001
MSRP: $450.00

Tomei ARMS 7960 Turbo Upgrade for Evo

24 Feb


For those looking for a simple bolt on turbo for your Evo 4-9, we are happy to announce these are now available for shipping!  

This turbo was developed with a broad based power curve in mind.  Excellent for street or circuit use, it provides great spool, and excellent power throughout the rev range.

Just click the large image of the turbo at the top of this post to place your order!

Esprit Turbo NSX

7 Nov


Skeet Skeet…

23 Oct

The 2.85 Liter, Twin Turbo Engine of the Porsche 959 Road car. 444hp, sequential turbos, water-cooled heads, air-cooled block who the hell thought to put this in a road car in 1986? The things done to win races.¬† Nuts….

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Greddy 350Z Tuner Turbo Kits

30 Sep

Looks like Greddy has recently released a new and improved version of there already successful Twin Turbo Kit for the Nissan 350z. The previous kit was initially only designed for the the VQ35DE motor that came in 2003-2006 Z cars. This latest kit now has an application for the VQ35HR motors that come in the 07-08 models. They have also added additional things to the kit here and there and taken away some as well. I love that they have upgraded to 20g turbos from the 18gs that were in the older kits.

There is currently a promotion being ran with this kit. If you purchase any one of the new kits before October 31st, 2008 you will receive a free Greddy Ti-C Exhaust and a free case of GR-1 Full Synthetic Oil. Give us a shout if you would like to order one of these kits for your 350z.

Click the link below to view the press release.

Greddy 350z Tuner Turbo Kit

“Super Potential”

31 Aug

One of my favorite things about being in an online business is being able to meet and talk to people from all over the world.¬† I met Jason about a month or so ago when he purchased some Cusco camber plates from us for his Starion – all the way from Australia.¬† I can tell Jason has “the sickness” and lives, eats and breathes cars like we do!¬† He was good enough to send me some pictures of a race prepped Starion owned by his friend Ron Masing the other day.¬† Jason is building his Starion for track use as well and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.¬† Onto the pics – this thing is awesome!

I have a fondness for the Starion, as Mike, one of the founders of the company, had one when I first met him in the early 90’s.¬† While it wasn’t blessed with a real sports car engine out of the box, it did have a wonderful chassis IMHO.¬† A very neutral car that with some well planned mods, turned it into a screamer.¬† It was Mitsubishi’s answer to the 944.¬† In the late 80’s the car really started to look the part with the giant fender flares, and low front lip spoiler.¬† It’s rare to see a clean one today but man, what a neat car they are.¬† Dodge also jumped on the bandwagon in the late 80’s and came out with their version, the Conquest.¬† I don’t know the technical differences, if any, except for colors.¬† I remember seeing bright blue Starions (looked similar to the WR Blue of the Subaru), and a nice yellow, that reminds me of the hue later found on 300ZX Twin Turbos.¬† I’ll see if I can dig up any other differences though.¬† These collaborations eventually lead to the 3000GT/Stealth, Mirage/Colt, Montero/Raider, and a bunch of others.¬† We’ll have to get our resident Mitsubishi expert Mike Ko to chime in with more.¬† He is a encylopedia of all things Mitsubishi!

I did a little searching and found this awesome old school Japanese commerical for the Starion.¬† I love these old car commercials…they are so cheesy, but it’s history, so it’s cool in my book!¬† And of course the tagline “Super Potential” is just genius.

Jason – not sure if you’ve seen this, but this video is for you! Plus it’s got a neat Rammstein song, and while I don’t understand a single word, and it almost makes me think a German invasion is near, it’s great music to drive to (or toture small furry animals to – whatever your scene is)

You Sexy Thing

26 Aug

Just wanted to show you guys another customer car.¬† This sweet G35 Coupe is owned by our good customer Giovanni.¬† Awesome car and a great guy!¬† This car has more mods than we have room to type, so I’ll just show you a quick video.¬† This was shot this past weekend at E-Town.¬† Not bad – a clean, clean daily driver that can click off solid 12’s on pump gas and street tires¬†(even with a crappy 60 ft – gotta work on that boss!), and get you back home in style!¬† He’s also an autocross freak too, and hopefully we’ll get him out to a track day this fall and see what she’ll really do!

The G rips it at 2:00 minute mark in the video, but before that you’ll see a few other nice cars from Englishtown this weekend.

Don’t Sleep…

21 Aug

Thought I’d post up pictures of Ray’s 2001 Lexus GS300. Ray is a new customer of ours from a new local board that we have recently begun sponsoring (www.tristatevip.com). Ray is a big fan of the VIP look but don’t sleep on him, he’s got some go under the hood.

The build is still a work in progress but so far hes running an XSPower Turbo Kit, Tein SS coilovers, Staggered 20″ Maya STM wheels, a Custom magnaflow exhaust and a Supra TT BBK. I know hes got some more things in the works for the very near future. You really can’t be mad at the wheel flushness that is synonymous with the VIP look.

My second first car

20 Aug


If it wasn’t for Nissan, my first semester grades during senior year of high school would have been much better. In my defense, it was hard to concentrate in class when you’re first car was being custom built just for you and the job was almost complete. No, I wasn’t a rich-kid. No, the parents weren’t helping out at all. It was just nice to have friends in high places. Friends with a thriving business specializing in high performance Z-cars. Friends with a clean chassis and enough spare parts to piece together a sweet ride. My 1982 280ZX Turbo was almost completed! When released, it was THE fastest production car available and put the hurt on the current Corvette, 911SC and even the Ferrari 308GTSi.

Now you understand my hesitance to stay focused during social studies. So, I’d daydream about the fresh charcoal gray paint, HKS intake, custom exhaust and the electronically controlled Recaro’s they just had lying around.

Delivery was imenent so I had the car insured with the same company my Father used. And that’s when it happened – the VIN # came back “Turbo” and my Father forbid the Z as my first car (despite me funding it all from working over the summer and throughout the school year). The guys at Z1 didn’t mind at the time – now they had another lovely Z to drive around in!

Unfortunately, a turbocharged car was out of the question. So, I searched high and low for my second first car! I decided the naturally aspirated FC3S RX-7 was the car for me. I loved the 944-esque exterior and the Rotary powerplant was legendary with old school tuners. After looking at several junkers, I found a clean 1988 base model FC. It had around 80K on the clock and aside from blown shocks, it checked out 100%. Compression was strong and it even passed emissions with flying colors.

Within a few months, I had new KYB shocks and a set of linear Suspension techniques springs. Then I scored a set of 16×8 ROH wheels at the junkyard and threw on some 225/50/16 dunlops. Within a year, I added a K&N intake, custom single exit exhaust and the rear spolier and side strakes from an ’87 RX-7 sport. The RX-7 was a sexy superb-handling dream machine and it treated me well.


Fast forward 8 years. The FC had undergone some major changes. I’d eventually changed everything including the swap to a ported Turbo motor. However, it all became too expensive to maintain. After my second TII motor in a year, something had to give.

It didn’t take long to find a suitable buyer. The kid was from CT and seemed nice enough. My FC was gone (much to the shock of anyone who knew me). “One day, I’ll build another,” I told my girlfriend.


It’s August 20th and I’m freaking out!¬† I’m getting married in nearly 3 months!!¬† So, my Fiance comes to me with some depressing news. It seems she’s been trying to buy-back my old RX-7 for a wedding present (yea, she ROCKS). Unfortunately, she found out the car was totalled in a bad accident a few months ago and the remains were sold as a parts car to another enthusiast. In that moment it all came back to me. I could smell the turbo rotary’s putrid exhaust. I could feel the powerful motor thrust forward on full boost. I will build another one day…I’m thinking an ’89-’90 convertible with a Turbo motor swap. For now, let’s hope I don’t spend my time in the office daydreaming or I’ll never be able to afford it!


The Little Engine that Could…

20 Aug

Close your eyes and try to remember the year 1997. Our business was growing at an alarming rate and all we could dream of was an OEM Auto industry that cared about the performance minded enthusiast.

The once-kings of Japanese performance cars had all been dethroned. The 300ZX and RX-7 were both already discontinued in the US and the Supra followed a year later. Despite stellar performance and sex appeal, they had all suffered from bloated price tags and lackluster sales. Moreover, they had become a faint shadow of each of the cars that paved their way. The early Z’s, RX-7’s and Celica-Supras had followed simple tried-and-true recipes for the sports car enthusiast; combine an eager engine with a sporty suspension and wrap it in a sexy affordable package. Sadly, by the late 1980’s, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota had created a war to see who could cram the most complicated technology under the hoods of their flagship sports cars. Ultimately, it led to their demise.

Ok, so it’s 1997 and the Japanese sports car is only attainable as a used model. That is until Acura announced that the Integra Type R would hit US shores. The 195 hp 2600 lb Type R was fast, raw, high-tech and affordable! The automotive press RAVED about it’s performance and other auto-makers took note. Soon enough, budget performance cars were released year after year and I think we all have to give the Type R some credit for the much needed spark that set our industry aflame for the next decade…

1998: Subaru came through with the Impreza 2.5RS. The mini-WRX was loaded with potential and Subaru geeks around the country united in parking lots and message boards. Soon ater, the car virtually exploded with popularity as Gran Turismo and Colin Mcrae Rally became enormous video games. We all drooled for a WRX.

1999: Toyota introduced a revised Celica. Co-developed by Yamaha, the high revving 180hp motor seemed to directly target the Integra Type R.

2001: Ford brought us the SVT Focus.

2002: Nissan gave us a revised Sentra SE-R (Spec V). Acura re-badged the Integra as the RSX and the world was introduced to the now legendary K-series motor. Oh, and Subaru finally sent us the famed WRX!

2003: A big year. Mitsubishi, hot on the heels of the Subaru’s success with the WRX, brought the EVO to the US. Nissan finally released a new Z car with the 350Z. Even Dodge joined the party with the powerful and insanely affordable Neon SRT-4.

2004: Subaru countered with the WRX STI and Mazda brought back the Rotary engine with the Renesis powered RX-8.

2006: Acura drops the RSX from it’s lineup, but bolts in all the go-fast goodies into the revised Civic SI.

2007: Mazda provides again with the brutally powerful Mazdaspeed 3. And Honda took everything that made their redesigned Civic SI a winner and put it all in the worlds first Civic SI Sedan!

Back to reality – it’s 2008 and us auto enthusiasts seem to be living in a new golden age. There is a sizable menu of performance cars to choose from in the range of $20k -$25k. How much longer will it last?

There are already signs that the trend may be shifting again. Subaru and Mitsubishi continue to fight it out as horsepower ratings and price tags grow. The EVO and STI price tags start around $35K. Even Nissan is rolling out the first Skyline GTR in the US but you have to pay to play and $70K is Porsche territory.

Are our beloved budget hot rods destined to become too fat and too pricey? Will we have to endure another cycle of bland offerings from the companies we all love again? Time will tell. For now, I think we should all bow respectfully to the USDM Type R and it’s B18C5 motor. The little engine that could…

A Blast from the Past

19 Aug

Back in September of ’98 I bought myself my first new car – a ’99 Impreza 2.5 RS (man, feels like a million years ago!)¬†¬† I was going through a rally phase at the time.¬† In the stable already was an ’88 All Trac Turbo Celica that was modded, and a¬†’92 Galant VR4 that was modded.¬† But Subaru was all the rage in rallying then, and after watching many late night feeds of WRC on the old Speedvision network (before fox turned it into nascar tv), I decided I had to have one!

So I went to the dealership and purchased a World Rally Blue RS.  I had visions of transforming it into my very own US spec STi Version V Type R.

STi V5 Type R Coupe courtesy of Pistonheads

STi V5 Type R Coupe courtesy of Pistonheads

So of course the modding began even before I had the car (typical me).¬† By the time the car was delivered, I already had Speedline wheels, and a Prodrive/Bilstein suspension kit in hand ready to go!¬† This was before there were really alot internet¬†resources out there.¬† The main source of info was the Checkpoint25 site and¬†mailing list where Subaru heads from across the US chatted about news, parts and rumors online.¬† Within a few months, a Canadian company called Minnam came out with their own turbo kit using a T3/T4, Spearco top mount, and some associated parts.¬† A local guy on the Checkpoint list was the first to purchase the kit, and did the install himself at his house (whatup Shane…maybe you’re reading this!).¬† We began exchaning emails, and on a rainy Sunday morning, my brother and I were trecking up to Rockland county to check the car out.¬† After one drive, I was hooked!¬† I called Minnam the next day and ordered my very own kit.¬† We’ll go into detail on that build in a future installment.¬†

What brings my to the title of the post is an old school video that has been floating around the web for years.¬† I’m sure many of you might be familiar with it.¬† For those who aren’t, this shows what OG Subaru tuning was all about!¬† It was¬†fall of ’99, and some friends from the Subaru community heard that the PBS Show Motorweek was going to¬†be testing a 22B.¬† For those not familiar with the car, it is the be all, end all Subaru IMHO.¬† Flared fenders,¬†2.2 liter flat 4 turbocharged, with every known trick and toy Subaru had at their disposal at the time.¬† Check out some 22B pics:

This car is owned by a longtime customer Karl, who know lives in Lebanon.¬† This is a genuine 22B, one of only 399 ever offered to the public (one of the 400 was retained by Subaru to the best of my understanding).¬† How’s that for limited edition!

Anyway, word got around that Motorweek was going to do this test.¬† Some friends of mine were somehow connected with the show, and before I know it, we’re organizing a 100 person meet at the Ownings Mills, MD studios.¬† I think it’s safe to say this was the first Subaru Mega Meet in the US!¬† Check the video out.¬† I know the quality sucks.¬† One of these days I’ll dig through my old tapes and see if I have the master I was given.¬†¬† The car shown had the Minnam turbo kit, Prodrive brakes, and a ton of other stuff I can’t even remember right now.¬† Eventually, I went one step further after the original motor finally gave up (led a boosted life for many miles before finally giving up!), and swapped in a built STi V4 RA closed deck motor with JUN cams, a LINK ecu, STi 5 speed trans, and bunch of other goodies.¬† Anyway, onto the video – alot of memories working on that car, and it’s fun being remember as one of the pioneers in the Subaru tuning community in the US