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Supra Clean

26 May


Perhaps the nicest one I’ve ever seen.


There is Only 1…All Others are Replicas

24 Mar

Amazing info and footage on THE quintessential Porsche race car

Merging of Classics

9 Jul

Classic Porsche + Work Brombacher wheels = something that will look good 20 years from now. Not a trend, not a hip-today look, but something that endures. That’s what modifying a car should be all about, but often, is not. Contact us for all your Work Wheel needs at z1sales@z1auto.com

Racing in the Past: Nissan R85/R86V

10 Jan

In the 80’s, Nissan took a more global approach to their racing efforts. They established NISMO in 1984, to focus their R&D efforts on building brand awareness through motorsports. By 1986, they were already travelling to LeMans, with a March chassis and VG30 twin turbo powerplant and chasing down Porsche. A very steep climb in very short order!

The R85V was the first car NISMO brought to the world competition stage. The car featured a chassis developed by March. However, the original versions of the car (raced in ’83 and ’84) actually featured a turbocharged 4 cylinder. In typical motorsport marketing fashion, Nissan ran these under the “Silvia” nameplate, to help bring attention to their newly redesigned sporty coupe.

The powerplant in the R85/R86 versions put down over 1000hp. These engines were developed by Electramotive in California, and were similar in spec to those used in the GTP program here in the states. While the primary R86 chassis car failed to finish LeMans, the R85 car did, coming in 16th. LeMans is challenging enough even for a seasoned team. For a new setup to come out, and not only finish, but finish 16th was a major accomplishment – and the world took notice.

NISMO continued to develop the car, using a variety of powerplants. For the ’88 LeMans event, the engine was a twin turbo V8. While power was down compared to the previous V6’s, they were able to keep the revs lower, and run much lower boost, which improved reliability. While this powerplant failed to finish their debut event the previous year, in 1988, NISMO finished 14th overall. This same spec car was raced at various long distance events, including Suzuka and Fuji. By 1989, NISMO began using a 3.5 liter V6 version, which finished 4th overall at Suzuka

Stealth Fighter

25 Nov

Walk soft and carry a big stick. Alot of enthusiasts say that’s what they want, but peer pressure often takes over and out comes the useless carbon fiber overlay roof, the gaudy wheels, the ill fitting body kits, etc. Here we have the very definition of a stealth car. Not only is it clean, it layeth the smacketh down! How’s 500hp grab ya?

This belongs to a local customer, and is my idea of a perfect daily driver! The car features a hose of mods that really make it something unique.

It’s for sale too, so if you’re looking for a great daily driver, here’s your chance!

Stealth Fighter for Sale – No Reserve!

Mike’s New Bride

25 Jan

A little while ago we showed you a super clean Z32 Twin Turbo from down south.  Well, we just got pictures of the car with the new carbon/kevlar Bride Gias installed!  With the red stitching accent going well with the shift knob, shift boot and Nardi wheel, this is an interior I’d love to spend time in.  Car looks great Mike, keep it up!

More Ruf Sex (MILF Status)

25 Dec

A previous example of a RUF 911.  This one is a 1989 model, twin turbo 3.36 liter flat 6, 469 hp/407 ft lbs of torque.  A Milf I’d love to take for a spin!

Enjoy the Ride….

6 Nov

Speaking of awesome Z commercials, there have been a couple other really cool ones over the years.  Yeah we all know the cheesy “Black Gold” one (the pinnacle of ’80’s “culture”) – but these 2 are still my personal favorites one of all time.

and of course, one of the greatest commercials of all time…car related or not

Skeet Skeet…

23 Oct

The 2.85 Liter, Twin Turbo Engine of the Porsche 959 Road car. 444hp, sequential turbos, water-cooled heads, air-cooled block who the hell thought to put this in a road car in 1986? The things done to win races.  Nuts….

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Porsche 959 - Engine Shot

Greddy 350Z Tuner Turbo Kits

30 Sep

Looks like Greddy has recently released a new and improved version of there already successful Twin Turbo Kit for the Nissan 350z. The previous kit was initially only designed for the the VQ35DE motor that came in 2003-2006 Z cars. This latest kit now has an application for the VQ35HR motors that come in the 07-08 models. They have also added additional things to the kit here and there and taken away some as well. I love that they have upgraded to 20g turbos from the 18gs that were in the older kits.

There is currently a promotion being ran with this kit. If you purchase any one of the new kits before October 31st, 2008 you will receive a free Greddy Ti-C Exhaust and a free case of GR-1 Full Synthetic Oil. Give us a shout if you would like to order one of these kits for your 350z.

Click the link below to view the press release.

Greddy 350z Tuner Turbo Kit

From Downtime to Showtime…

9 Sep

I was just browsing through pictures of friend’s cars on my computer and I found these photos of my boy Kevin’s ride. This thing sat in his backyard waiting for parts for close to a year in this exact position (sans the wheels and the varis kit obviously.)

But he was able to get it buttoned up enough to get it down to HIN in NY this year…

The car isn’t complete but it is damn near close. I’ll post proper pictures of it when its done along with a complete mod list. This car has a lot of special parts on it and a lot of blood and sweat in it. Keep up the work Kevin!

Widebody Twin Turbo FX….

19 Aug

Just giving props where props are due… This beauty belongs to a good customer and friend of ours named Viet. He’s representing Cali to the fullest, I guess the term “Swang and Bang,” is not only reserved for those who reside in Texas!

Props to the photographer as well, GP-Photography.