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Mount Me

25 Feb

Z1 Performance Urethane Transmission Mount 350Z/G35

Just got our new batch of urethane transmission mounts in stock for the 2003-2008 350Z/G35. Some of you might remember the post we did here a few months ago DIY Urethane Transmission Mount Installation

These are now in stock and ready to go. We’ve got 3 stiffnesses to choose from.

The 60A is approximately 50% stiffer than stock and geared towards street/auto-x and club type track day drivers.

The 75A is for you more sporting types – those who do some street/strip work, or who auto-x more frequently, and who want crisp, consistent shifts, without resorting to a solid mount. There is increased NVH vs the 60A, but shifting is significantly more precise.

The 90A is the stiffest, and is typically found on group n rally cars and full out track cars, as it is nearly solid – expect significant increase in NVH, but with the most shifter precision.

Spring is hopefully around the corner (though you would never know it with the weather we’ve had here in the Northeast), so we’re going to be offering a special of $120 shipped in the 48 states. If you’re looking for the ultimate combo, package it up with our Billet Motor Mount Set. Combo price is just $255.00 shipped in the 48 states (saves you over $40 bucks from the normal website price!)

Any questions, let us know!


Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested

28 Jan

“The Z1 Auto transmission mount dramatically improved
shift engagement and eased gear selection without
sacrificing comfort. We highly recommend this
product for any Z/G enthusiast who takes their driving
seriously. Installation was easy – You must loosen the center bolt to align the two outer bolts,
other then that there were no installation issues what so ever. ”

– Performance Motorsport East Staff (this was from one of the owners, Andrew, who put it into their white 370Z)

If you are interested in one, drop us a line and let us know!

DIY: Urethane Transmission Mount 350Z/G35

27 Nov

Had some time to sit down and install our new urethane transmission mount for one of our 350Z’s. This mount is a billet aluminum casing, and we offer it with 3 grades of urethane – 60a (comfort), 75a (sport) and 90a (race). We used the 75a for my car.

To start off, use the factory recommended jack points front and rear (see picture 1). With the car up in the air, your first thing is to remove the factory transmission cross member. This is a black steel beam that runs the width of the transmission (see picture 2). To loosen the crossmember from the chassis, there are 4 x 14mm bolts. You’ll now see the transmission mount, attached to the underside of the transmission (picture 3). Next, you will remove the long gold bolt/spacer from the stock transmount, which runs through the crossmember. To gain better access to the bolt, we found it easiest to remove the Y pipe, as it makes things. Since mine has been in there for a few years and I had noticed a bit of an exhaust leak recently, I took this opportunity to replace all the Y pipe gaskets and kill 2 birds with one stone. Take a jack, or jackstand, and place it under the transmission to keep it from sagging. It is still attached to the engine at the bellhousing, as well as the driveshaft, but you don’t want any accidents! Finally, remove the 2 x 14mm bolts and the transmission mount comes off the transmission. Fitting the new mount is just a direct reversal of the above process and goes right in.

So what does it feel like – HOLY SHIT stiff! The car immediately has a much deeper tone inside the cabin just by virtue of the fact that the new mount has much less slop in it, and has a full radius bushing (if you look in the picture showing the side by side with the stock mount, you can see daylight!). It was so much different sounding I thought my Y pipe was still disconnected! The shifter has a much more positive feel to it, which is very noticeable especially at higher rpm shifts. Engaging first and running through the gears from a dead stop, you immediately notice that the car has a much more direct overall feel. If you are in a higher rpm and just crusing (for example 2nd, entering a turn) the slight rocking back and forth that the car used to have is completely gone. I’ll drive the car through the weekend provided the weather is nice and post any noticeable changes.

370Z/G37 Transmission Mount Part II

12 Nov

Just got the samples in. We’ll be trying them out in the next few days, and if all goes well, look for a new toy for your car soon!

New Product: Urethane Transmission Mount 370Z/G37

24 Oct

We recently began work on designing a new, urethane transmission mount for the 370Z/G37.

The stock mount uses a soft rubber that is liquid filled. While it’s up and down durometer rating (stiffness) is sufficient, there is alot of play side to side. This promotes that rubbery, almost vague feeling things have gear to gear. The solution for us will be a direct replacement, bolt in, urethane transmission mount that has consistent stiffness for both lateral and medial movement. You will not need to press anything or modify anything in any way. The upper portion of the mount will be cnc’d aluminum, just like the OEM unit, and the urethane section will come preinstalled so it’s ready to put into the car. It will include all the required hardware as well as detailed instructions. This will benefit both the casual street driver and the more aggressive track driver equally with noticeably quicker shifts without all the slop.

We will be able to offer this in 2 stiffness level, comfort, and race. These are fully developed, designed and produced in the USA. MSRP is expected to be approximately $150.00 for the comfort version and $185.00 for the race version. This is the anticipated retail price, but final street price will be determined by dealers who wish to carry the product.

The above is preliminary and final design may change a bit. I expect to have the samples back here in about a week, so we can do some testing and then ramp up to production.

Thanks for looking!