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Sledgehammer in Sheeps Clothing

4 Mar

Spotted this rare beast a few days ago. Not a common car by any stretch of the imagination. Underneath its rather demure exterior lurks a bored and stroked version of Lamborghini’s V10 engine from the Gallardo. 430 hp and just under 400 ft/lbs through the Quattro AWD system makes her fly.


Simply Amazing

15 Aug

Was at a local book store yesterday and came across an all BMW magazine that featured this amazing E30 M3 by Piper Motorsports. I know it’s been featured before in other publications, but since I don’t really travel in the Euro scene, this was news to me. This is a car I’d love to have in the stable. The level of work is right up my alley. The classic lines of the E30 coupled with the modernity and silky smoothness of the V10 from a late model M5. There is just too much work done to this thing to describe


27 Sep

Audi pulling out all the stops and getting down in the mud against it’s more expensive rivals. This isn’t brand new, but I just saw it for the first time while watching the F1 Singapore race. I love Ferrari, but a good commercial is just a good commercial. Cat fight between redheads !