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A Beauty from IMSA’s Past

31 Jan

Ferrari 333SP

Click the link above for the video. A reblog, but worthy…this car, to me, is one of the last of it’s breed. And the sounds are nothing short of heaven sent. Others must feel the same way, as the one below, an Evoluzione model, recently sold at RM Auctions for a cool $1.35M!




V12 Mazda Miata

27 Jul

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


I won’t leave you guys hanging. Here are some details about the motor:

Originaly a 1987 jag [motor], but most of the motor has been modified. Parts are scarce so I had to make most of them, which included coming up with my own cam profiles. With the assistance of crane cams I am the first person to use a dual pattern cam with the Jag H.E. v12, because of camshaft changes it caused me to have to build my own timing chain setup,idler pulleys, which I made externally adjustable.
Jag rods are a heavy 975 grams each, so I had the crank ground to use H-Beam 351W ford rods, total saving was 11 pounds off the rotating assembly. Actually I could of used a lighter rod, H beam rods are good for 750hp, but thats for a V8 (94hp per rod) in a V12 the same rods means I could run 1128hp which this motor will never see. From here I used 1.5mm Honda rings, with custom BRC pistons for nitrous. Compression came out to 13.5:1. Heads were completely reworked and ported. Aluminum flywheel and custom bell housing let me mount a 2003 ford mustang 5 speed transmission and clutch. So far I have over 1 year in the making of the motor alone and probably spent more money then the car will ever be worth but I guess thats what a hobby is for.

Dude gets my respect for sure.

Fine Whine? LOL…Hey, It’s What It Says On The Car

12 Jun

Rich, the owner of Blue Ribbon Auto Body (a top notch body shop and the best on Long Island from everything I’ve seen and heard) was kind enough to show me some of his cars that were at the shop the other day. This is his 1985 Euro-Spec (notice the lack of front and rear bumpers, the existence of the mandatory rear fog light and the absence of rear side markers unlike the U.S. spec model) Lamborghini Countach 5000 Quattrovalvole.

I never was a really big fan of this car, the fact that I was four years old when this was released might have something to do with it (actually I love a lot of cars that were released before my parents even met so that’s a moot point…tangent alert, tangent alert, my bad),  but I have to say this car really is a sight to be seen in person. This vehicle is a prime example of how far advanced Lamborghini is/was as an automobile manufacturer at the time. The front doesn’t do much for me but I love the aggressiveness of the rear. Not to mention 455 bhp is nothing to scoff at either, V12 POWA!!!

For those of you wondering, since Rich purchased this car brand new back in 1985 and had it flown over from Europe, he has put approximately 20K miles on it and he has driven it as recently as last Sunday. So it does get driven, not much but still.

Oh here are some clips I found about this car…