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For Kwame

9 Sep

Since I know he likes these so much

This body style has aged well.


Job Design SC430

20 Jan

I’d mess around with this car during the summer…

Some Clean Cars…

15 Dec

I thought I would share some pictures of some clean cars that attended the ClubLexus Christmas Meet recently. These are some of my favorites:

ClubLexus Chistmas Meet Pictures

Don’t Sleep…

21 Aug

Thought I’d post up pictures of Ray’s 2001 Lexus GS300. Ray is a new customer of ours from a new local board that we have recently begun sponsoring (www.tristatevip.com). Ray is a big fan of the VIP look but don’t sleep on him, he’s got some go under the hood.

The build is still a work in progress but so far hes running an XSPower Turbo Kit, Tein SS coilovers, Staggered 20″ Maya STM wheels, a Custom magnaflow exhaust and a Supra TT BBK. I know hes got some more things in the works for the very near future. You really can’t be mad at the wheel flushness that is synonymous with the VIP look.