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A sneak peek of what Kevin has been up to…

2 Jan

… new MCR Hood installed.

I’d like to take this hot second to publicly let Kevin know as I have already on the phone that I LOVE the new direction you are going with your car and I know it will be badass when everything is said and done. You are now allowed to bring your car back around my neighborhood without me chastising you. 🙂

*** These are rough pictures by the way as the car was and is still in progress when these pictures were taken***

No, this isn’t Kevin in the car in this picture

Ings officially releases their 370Z/Z34 N-Spec Kit…

15 Dec

I peeped this this morning as I was checking out their website.

I’ve got to be honest, the only part that I’m really loving is the Z-Power Wing.

Currently the only parts they have available for the 370 are as follows:

  • Front Lip Spoiler – Available in Carbon or FRP
  • Z-Power Wing
  • LX Sport Exhaust System
  • LX Sport Center Pipe
  • Ings Karo Floormats

For those of you wondering what else this demo car is fitted with here are the details:


All of these items are currently available so if you are interested in anything, give us a shout.

Trial Sports Exige

23 Aug

Love what they have done with the car. The paint/graphics scheme is hardcore, retro and modern at the same time – love it!

Neck Snaps Inside

6 Aug

One of our customers on the west coast just posted some updated pics of his amazing 350z a couple days ago. We’ve been proud to have him as a customer, and you certainly have to admit the man has taste! What I love is that he clearly had a vision when he was picking out the direction to take his Z. All too often, you see Z’s that have a couple of neat parts, but they just don’t flow. Instead, they look like they were just throw together with whatever the flavor of the minute was. Joe’s car on the other hand, just flows.

Chargespeed aero kit, with the whole car finished in gunmetal, very rare APP Japan brakes with titanium finish, black TE37’s, black Chargespeed mirrors..oh, and the APS Twin Turbo kit under the hood…it gets to be a long and impressive list!

We’ve got some stuff coming to Joe soon which will give the car even more prowess when it’s actually in motion. When it looks this good sitting still though, you can’t help but just admire. I know if I saw this on the L.I. Expressway, I’d want to know more!

Tommy Kaira’d out Mignight Purple R33 V-Spec

3 Aug

Look at those aggressive gold CEs.

This car is the fucking Catilina wine mixer!!!


Drop Dead (Sexy) Drop Top

20 Jun

Rod (good customer and friend) stopped by with his immaculate Z33 Roadster a couple weeks ago to get some fresh seating. Out came the OEM, and in went the rare Bride Vorga Japan Limited Edition. Now we just need to convince him to do the other side!

One of the cleanest Z’s out there – understated, but nicely modded. Volks, Stoptech BBK, C West front lip, JP Sides…..just a clean example of a tastefully modded Z.

Access Evolution 370Z…

24 Apr

This is the look the car had prior to the new Work Gnosis GS2s posted earlier…

  • Volk Ce28
  • Access Evolution 6/4 BBK (380mm Front Rotor)
  • Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust
  • Sunline Racing Carbon Fiber Roof Overlay
  • Zeal Coilovers
  • Other Stuff I’ve forgotten..

Mr. Met…or Mr. Knick?

6 Mar

Cheston representing NY Sports team over in Cali, lol!

Seriously no one but you can pull this color combo off. It fits your energetic personality.

An Old Friend with New Shoes

20 Jan

A sneak peak of whats to come on a very well known 350z…orangete37_1

Poseur of the year…

15 Jan

I’m not a Rota hater; it’s not that I like them, I really can care less for their wheels. Nor am I Volk fanboy; they make good shit but they aren’t the only ones. However, I WILL NOT, WILL NOT stand for posers putting Volk stickers on Rota wheels! WTF?

For those wondering the owner of this car said his reasoning behind putting the Volk stickers on his Rotas :

And to note, I have a set of RAYS valve stems on the wheels, so yes, I am entitled to run a sticker or two as I support the companies products, and many thousands of my dollars in the past have I invested in Work, Volk, BBS, and SSR.

Ah, righttttttttt.

His Post on MY350Z

Clean R35 GTR

24 Dec

I saw these pictures of this R35 GTR taken by AutoMotion Photography and I thought they came out really nice. Enjoy…

RE Amemiya FD3S

17 Nov

Another Cockpit Tatebayashi Customer Car…


White R34, White TE37s, Blue Endless BBK

17 Nov

Cockpit Tatebayashi Customer Car


San Marino Blue

15 Nov

This is definitely my favorite Z33 color.

Premium Mystic Maroon…

29 Oct

or as it is better known here in the U. S. of A. Interlagos Fire. Definitely one of my favorite colors for one of my favorite cars 🙂

This is a nice example of a PMM Z33 from Japan. As far as I can see this car has been fitted with Volk GTC wheels (classics!), Bride seats, a Voltex Type T Spoiler, Ings Type E Front Bumper, Trust/Greddy Sideskirts, a Kei Office Rear Bumper and an Amuse Exhaust.