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A Warning to All Ankles

16 Feb

Watch out when in pit lane!


(pic courtesy of Voltex Japan



1 Sep

Couple pics of Daniel’s awesome Evo @ Wekfest courtesy of JDM Lifestyle – such a clean car


11 Oct

After much consideration, we’ve decided to try the Voltex stuff on for size, and add it to our product listings for all chassis we cater to. Some items are special order, some are to be stocked, best to enquire regardless of what it is you’re after.

My Fairlady (err, ladies)

23 Jun

One of our long term customers up in Canada sent over these pics last night. Him and a buddy took some sweet shots of their Z33’s. Does it get any better than 2 friends, enjoying their cars, in the nice weather? It’s what the hobby is all about! Cars are looking sweet guys, thanks for the pics.

In the News….

1 Jun

If you haven’t picked up this months issue of Performance Auto and Sound, get it 🙂

There is a nice feature on our of our OG Evo customers from here in NY. Daniel’s car is about as ‘done’ as they come, but it’s always a work in progress.

Congrats! Looks sick!

How Ya Like Me Now?

17 Apr

This post is twofold. First, a good local customer finally sent over the pics of the new wheels we air’d in for him a couple months back – white RG2’s.

Second, this song kicks ass – enjoy



2 Jan

Sunline Racing’s Voltex-kitted, SSR-wearing 350Z posed cleverly in the pits. This kit is over the top, but looks great in red. It suits the car, since it’s pretty extreme

Tsukuba Doobie Doo

10 Sep


Poised and ready for fun – looks menacing!

Voltexed Out Z-Roadster… Lots-o-pix

20 Aug


We blogged this car earlier here.

Well it has been recently been updated with a Voltex kit. It looks alright (I’m not very happy with Voltex at the moment as they are taking forever to ship us a kit for customer).

Voltex Z33 “Wide Fender Kit”

24 Jul

I don’t like to post stuff off of other blogs (this picture is from the Voltex blog) but I felt like posting this.

Here in the states we call these fender flares and I saw a very similar looking set in aisle three at autozone.

I’d like to see where Voltex is going with these before I form my opinion.



26 May

Not only one of the cleanest Evo’s out there (bar none), but it’s damn quick too. Evo 9 MR, AMS 50 Trim, etc etc etc. The go to back up the show. Naj is a good friend, long time customer, and even worked for us for awhile doing sales stuff. All around good guy, and he obviously has the gift of what it takes to put together that is clean and aggressive all at once. Props my man, it looks insane!

For Cheston… Another Voltex Wing Photo

6 Mar


Speaking of which… WTF Voltex, whats really good with your brake kit?

They need to step it up with their brake kit with such an over the top body kit and the open design of the TM-02s. That carbon front piece is dope as hell though.


Some Random Evo VII

17 Jan

Searching for Blog material often leads you to stumble upon some cool ish you had no idea existed that even when you find it has limited details accompanied with it. This EVO VII is just an example of that.  All I know about this car is what I can see from these pictures; and I really like what I see

New Voltex Z33 Kit Revealed

9 Jan

Sporting the always on point AME TM-02s


Tomei Cusco Impreza Time Attack Machine

31 Oct

On U.S. soil for for the final round at Buttonwillow time attack. Look for this Tomei. Cusco, and Voltex collabo on the track and at Sema (Booth #24469).