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Some things I will just NEVER understand…

19 Aug


There are times when I think to myself, maybe I just have a boring personality. Maybe I’m just not very receptive to change, more so than the average person. I see new things all the time that eventually become trends that I just sit back from afar and say “What the f*** are they thinking by doing that?” Perhaps I’m just getting old… or perhaps I’ll just never understand Civic drivers 😉

Someone please feel free to explain to me WHY someone would do this to a nice set of wheels? This car would look pretty nice sans the ridiculous stickers.

I’d also like to know what is cool about driving around on public roads without a hood?

Photos courtesy of 8thcivic.

Work VS-KFs on a Zonda…

15 Aug


This is for Logan.

I woke up not too long ago from a nap and since its 1 a.m. and I’m currently in V.A. visiting the fam I’ve got nothing to do but surf the net. I came upon an old thread on 6speedonline and found these pics. All of the members were bashing the wheels (and I understand that looks are subjective) but I think its cool as fuck that someone with the funds to purchase a Zonda would actually outfit it with Work VS-KF wheels and the owner is from South Africa nonetheless. Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I am almost 100% certain that those are Work VS-KF wheels.

I honestly think this looks hot.