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Rally Wheel Deals (5×114.3)

16 Dec

If you’re a rally guy, or looking for that rally look, we’ve got some great specials for you!

First up, from Italian manufacturer EvoCorse

Size 17 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold
Weight: 20.1 lbs

Size 18 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold
Weight: 21.2 lbs

Next, from Japanese manufacturer Taneisya – a forged wheel for less than cast wheel prices!

Size 17 x 8, 5-114.3, ET49
Color: Gold Metal Flake
Weight: 17.7 lbs

for price and availability!


22 Aug

Stumbled across these pics of one of our customer cars from MA. I know the whole hella-whatever scene isn’t for everyone, but that’s one of the great thing about the hobby. The car is a blank canvas, and we get to mold them into something that we as enthusiasts want. The guys who love how this type of setup looks are no less passionate about their cars as the guys who hit the track every weekend. Just like the American guys have the purists who want to restore a car to factory condition, the perfectionists who want better than new condition, the rat rod guys who use old beer cans for master cylinder resevoirs, and everything in between. There is room for everyone. If you love your car, and you work hard to turn it into something you want, with quality parts, then it’s all good to us. Pics courtesy of Jesse Godin

I don’t think Corey (owner) necessarily wants me to spill the guts about the specs, but they are the venerable Work Meister S13P in gold, 19’s 🙂 They took awhile to get in from Japan, as it was a totally custom order, and not the usual specs, but the net result was well worth the wait I think. The clean white exterior with the contrast of the gold works so well, and Meisters and 350Z’s are like peanut butter and jelly. Corey also was outfitted with the full range of SPL alignment parts, allowing him to dial in the camber and toe to whatever he wanted.

NISMO/Rays-Volk Wheels for Your Truck!

20 Aug

We’ve got one set of these in stock and ready to go for immediate pickup/delivery. These were a limited run and no longer available. They are 16×7, 6-139 bolt pattern, finished in silver, and are 14.4 lbs each. Includes center caps, valvestems and are ready to go!

Priced to move at $1450 shipped in the 48 states! To order, just give us a call at (631)863-3820

Steal These Wheels!!

3 Jun

Not really, but they are way cheaper than they should be!

Weds Bvillens TT7R 19×10.0, 5-114.3, -4mm offset up front (119mm lip) and 19×10 -16mm rear (131mm lip) – super mad aggressive style – finished in SBC (Super Black Coat) :). MSRP is $3912 + shipping for the set, but we’re letting ’em leave for…….(sorry, you gotta call us for this one!)

Give us a shout, they are ready to go, no waiting!

You Tease!!

7 Feb

Eugene is a customer of ours from out in Cali that recently added a whole heap of goodness to his Z. New coilovers and Ings wheels came courtesy of us 🙂 He also added a new set of Stoptech’s – the result speaks for itself! Stay tuned for more pics of the car coming soon

Enkei PF01

6 Jan

2010 is here and Enkei’s newest wheel is coming soon

DIAMETER (5=15, 6=16 and so on)
WEIGHT(lbs.) – approximate at time of engineering
All are finished in Silver
460-570-4935SP 35 4×100 N.A.
460-570-4941SP 41 4×100 12.0*
460-580-4935SP 8 35 4×100 N.A.
460-670-4943SP 16 7 43 4×100 75 13.9*
460-770-4938SP 38 4×100
460-770-4945SP 45 4×100
460-770-6548SP 48 5×114.3
460-775-6538SP 38 5×114.3
460-775-6545SP 45 5×114.3
460-775-8038SP 38 5×100
460-775-8045SP 45 5×100 N.A.
460-780-4435SP 35 5×112
460-780-4450SP 50 5×112
460-780-6545SP 45 5×114.3
460-780-8035SP 35 5×100
460-780-8045SP 45 5×100
460-785-1240SP 40 5×120
460-785-6540SP 40 5×114.3
460-875-6538SP 38 5×114.3 N.A.
460-875-6545SP 45 5×114.3 17.2*
460-875-8038SP 38 5×100 N.A.
460-875-8045SP 45 5×100 N.A.
460-880-1235SP 35 5×120
460-880-1242SP 42 5×120
460-880-4435SP 35 5×112
460-880-4445SP 45 5×112 N.A.
460-880-5140SP 40 5X110
460-880-6540SP 40 5×114.3
460-880-6545SP 45 5×114.3
460-885-6530SP 30 5×114.3 N.A.
460-885-6535SP 35 5×114.3 N.A.
460-885-6548SP 48 5×114.3 18.0*
460-890-4435SP 35 5×112
460-890-6535SP 35 5×114.3
460-890-6545SP 45 5×114.3
460-895-6515SP 15 5×114.3 N.A.
460-895-6535SP 35 5×114.3
460-895-6545SP 45 5×114.3
460-8105-6515SP 15 5×114.3
460-8105-6538SP 38 5×114.3

Weds SA55M + Evo 10

17 Dec

I am in love with these wheels!!!

We’ve got them coming soon!

Buddy Club P1 Racing SF Wheel + Tire Package

9 May

Figured I’d post these here in case anyone is interested! We just got these in for a customers Evo. Unfortunately, this customer car has the 6 piston front Brembo kit on his car, so these don’t fit (yes, they will fit the factory red 4 piston Brembos!), so they gotta go!

Priced to move at $1699 picked up, $1849 shipped. All credit cards accepted as well as cash for in person pickup, or Paypal to z1sales@z1auto.com. No holds or dibs – first come, first served! Wheel/Tire price includes center caps, hubrings, and black lugs

Wheels only (no tires) – $960 shipped, $899 picked up (includes center caps and hubrings)

M5 + Dymag =

8 Dec

A helluva setup!  Just a random shot I came across tonight while surfing.

Two huge thumbs up to the owner!


Beat the Price Increase Sale on all AME Wheels!!

12 Nov

All AME wheels are going up on November 15, so there are just a few days left to get a great deal on an awesome set of wheels for your car

AME TM02: This split 6 spoke wheel comes in 18 and 19 inch fitments, and combines a slight lip with a nice concave curve to the spokes. Offered in dark gunmetal, silver, and matte black.

AME FS01: A uniquely styled wheel that looks great on a wide range of cars

Don’t have another “me too” setup – step it up with something quality, unique, and save $$ at the same time!

No Screwing Around

10 Oct

We’re spec’ing out a set of BBS Race wheels for a customer car (not telling who yet…it’s a secret!).  Figured I’d post a pic of the wheels in general. This is one clean E46 M3.  BBS makes some amazing stuff, we know that.  The Motorsport wheels take it to another level!

Forged, any offset, any width, spec’d to clear big brakes without spacers, etc.  Does it get any better?

AME TM-02…

9 Sep

Kent from AME just sent us some more photos of these wheels installed on different vehicles. The name of the wheel “TM-02” stands for Tracer M.A.T. Version II. These wheels are made using Enkei’s proven proprietary M.A.T. wheel forming process. which improves the material properties of the wheel and its overall performance characteristics.

I really like these wheels, especially on the Invision EVO.

Here is some more information the M.A.T. process used to make these wheels:



If you have any questions regarding general information on these wheels or any other lines we carry please feel free to e-mail me at Kwame@z1auto.com or shoot me an IM at my AIM screenname “Kwamez1auto”; or contact Adam at z1sales@z1auto.com or at “z1auto” on AIM.