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Whiteline Compression Arm Bushings for 350Z/G35

11 Jan

Whiteline Compression Rod Bushing 350Z/G35

New from the boys down under at Whiteline comes the urethane compression arm bushing for the 350Z and G35. If you own one of these cars, and you’re lowered on springs or coilovers, chances are you have replaced your factory bushings at least once already. On my car, I’ve done them twice and although the car is hibernating for the winter, come spring time it’s due for a change again. The problem manifests itself in a general ‘clunk’ under braking, or sudden suspension arm movements, such as over a speedbump. In my experience it tends to remain relatively quiet during highway driving. basically what happens is the soft rubber arm deflects too much, causing sloppiness, and under extreme conditions, can blow apart causing all sorts of potential safety issues.

The Whiteline urethane replacement should fill the gap for those street oriented guys who don’t want to go to a solid bearing setup (ala the SPL part we offer), but want something more durable than the factory rubber pieces. At $95 a pair, these are an economical way to solve a well documented issue on these cars. Click the picture for details or to order yours

Yes, we know Energy makes these bushings too, and yes, we carry them as part of their Master Kit, but more than a few people have complained about the squeaking noises with these. One thing I can tell you about Whiteline, having used and sold tons of them in the past on the 350Z and G35, they are absolutely silent. Plus, a lifetime guarantee against any defects ain’t too shabby either!