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Save The Whales

28 Sep




10 Feb


Strosek widebody 928. While the car didn’t change all that much in the 167 years it was made, the 928 remains one of the iconic GT shapes. Still a head turner.


Too Much Booty in the Pants

19 Oct

Wide Load

15 Jul

Just got these pics from a long time client in France. He’s been through alot of project cars, and always does them up fully. This one is no different, but a bit older than usual.

EJ257 engine, JDM 6 speed – he is still contemplating which turbo to go with.

Kyushi-Danji NS[E]X

21 Nov


Yup, many years later and its still sick!

5 Nov

Mazzoo’s Lamborghini Yellow Wald Widebody 350z

3 Nov

This car is so dope that after the body work had been completed in 2004 someone at Nissan decided that the 2005 model year 350z HAD to have yellow as a color option.

This car is disgusting! This car is still to this day far ahead of its time.

Chris never stops with this car and right now hes has some of the most impressive numbers for a twin turbo in the entire community. I can’t wait until the current round of motor modifications are completed. Last time on the dyno he accomplished 1013rwhp/863.2rwtq at 29Psi on his 4.2L stroked motor!

Something Wicked This Way Comes

5 Sep

I know, I know, alot of customer car entries lately and not alot of tech-babble – I promise tomorrow we’ll get another installment of the ITB discussion going!

For now though, feast your eyes on this machine.  As with the previous Z, this car is owned by another UK customer of ours, and one of the nicest guys I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.  I met Jay through our sponsorship on www.350z-uk.com.  He had just sold his previous Z, and was in process of purchasing this Kuro Black GT.  He had big plans, big aspirations and was a great customer to work with.  We bounced lots of suggestions off one another and the final result is what you see here.  I think it speaks for itself.  The most striking thing on the car is of course, the Veilside V3 Aero kit.  Everyone who sees it on this particular car said the same thing “ya know, I usually don’t like that kit, but it looks great on your car” – and they are right I think!  While it might be over the top for some, Jay’s car is clean enough that it all just works!  Although the car has been sold (my man’s getting an Aston! ), I think it shows that you can balance wild with tasteful.

Jay’s car will be in an upcoming issue of MaxPower (a UK mag), so check it out.  Also just want to throw out a quick hell, and thanks to Jay’s brother Danny – another Zed-head.   Thanks again guys!  Check out their company www.blitzsport.com.

Widebody Twin Turbo FX….

19 Aug

Just giving props where props are due… This beauty belongs to a good customer and friend of ours named Viet. He’s representing Cali to the fullest, I guess the term “Swang and Bang,” is not only reserved for those who reside in Texas!

Props to the photographer as well, GP-Photography.