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You Look Maaavalous

23 Dec

Work CR Ultimate on Scon FR-S

Work CR Ultimate on Scon FR-S

Proof that looking good doesn’t need to cost a lot. Scion FR-S wearing a set of Matte Black Work Emotion CR Ultimate’s. A cost effective setup that gives you a QUALITY wheel that are super-strong. Look closely and you can see the Subaru 4 pot/2 pot caliper peeking through as well.


More Bigger (JDM Wheel Content Inside!)

21 Nov

Work has also announced new 19 inch sizes for 2013 for the CR Ultimate Kiwami’s as well!

The 19″ CR Ultimate will be available in various widths, including 19×8.5, 19×9.5, 19×10.5, and a 19×11.0. Offsets available are shown on the sizing chart above.

Standard bolt pattern includes 5×114.3 or 5×100, with custom bolt pattern available in the 5×100 through 5×120 range. Therefore, popular European vehicle bolt patterns (such as 5×112 and 5×120) are available for this wheel. Available finishes include Matte Bronze (AHG), Matte Black (MBL), White (WHT), or GT Silver (GTS).

In addition to excellent widths and a variety of offset choices, this 19″ sizing will also feature an ULTRA DEEP CONCAVE FACE, which is available on the 19×10.5 + 19×11.0 sizing. Other sizing will feature a DEEP CONCAVE FACE (19×9.5) or a MIDDLE CONCAVE FACE (19×8.5).

Big brake clearance is excellent for this wheel, as it was designed to clear many large brake kits, including factory kits such as the OE Akebono (370Z/G37), OE Brembo (Evo 8/9/10), OE Brembo (STI), and many others. The wheel can also clear aftermarket big brake kits. Due to the variety of sizing and caliper design between aftermarket brake companies, please always feel free to verify clearance with us first.

Optional center caps include the current four styles: Flat Type Silver, Flat Type Black, Low Type Silver, and Low Type Black. Wheels are proudly made in Japan to the highest quality standards.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for details

Work Emotion CR Ultimate Deep Concave

21 Nov

WORK Wheels is proud to release a more concave version of the popular WORK Emotion CR Ultimate wheel. Currently, the CR Ultimate is available in various sizing and concavity, with the largest being the 18×10.5 +23 in a Deep Concave Face.

Taking things a step further, they are making a new 18×10.5 version in an ULTRA DEEP CONCAVE face. This face is available in the 18×10.5, in either a +15 or +22 offset. The current 18×10.5 +23 Deep Concave Face will be discontinued and be replaced by this new Ultra Deep Concave version. In addition, this Ultra Deep Concave face clears most large OE brake caliper kits and standard caliper kits.

Contact z1sales@z1auto.com for details.


9 Sep

A few people throughout the day approached me to ask what wheels I had. They noticed the Work caps (since I’ve put the red ones in now, they stand out more). They are mesh, but they aren’t the typical VSXX.

One guy in particular knew they were rare right off the bat as he owns a set even rarer. Work Brombacher Mesh, but made in the BMW bolt pattern. He said they were not redrilled but rather part of a handful Work Japan made. Very cool


Merging of Classics

9 Jul

Classic Porsche + Work Brombacher wheels = something that will look good 20 years from now. Not a trend, not a hip-today look, but something that endures. That’s what modifying a car should be all about, but often, is not. Contact us for all your Work Wheel needs at z1sales@z1auto.com

RWB Means….

18 Mar

Could easily stand for Real Wide Biotch


Latest Styles from Work Wheels

3 Jan

Work Wheels Japan has been hard at, well, work, on new styles and manufacturing processes as of late. Here are their latest offerings

For full details on each, just click the picture

Work Emotion Wheels Special – the Free RS Lugs/Lock Promotion is Back!

27 Oct

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Aging Gracefully…

18 Jun

A pristine NSx on Meisters

R34 WORKin a set of XD9s like they’re named Angelina…

24 Mar

Shouts to Mr. Yoshida on this post…

Work 11R’s in Stock!

24 Jan

Got a bunch in stock and ready to go

17×8 +35 – bronze (1 set only!)
18×8.5 +38 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×8.5 +30 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×9.5 +38 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver
18×9.5 +30 – matte black, bronze. glimmer silver

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R35 GTR on 21″ Work Wheels, Lowered on Zeals

17 Nov

Work VS-FX

20 Oct
Work VS FX

Work VS FX

This is a clean wheel and I love the demo vehicle they used. Work knows whats up!

Here is the description from the Work website:

All new WORK VS-FX. This is the latest addition to our VS Series. The VS-FX is a true 3 piece modular design, utilizing the latest casting technology and barrel forming. The new VS-FX design is classic, elegant, sophistication and timeless. The 10 spokes design offers great amount of strength and durability over long period of time, this is a style that will out survive many other wheel design on the market. VS-FX has wide range of 20″ width and offsets. Three types of center disk for BBK or Maximum lip setup. Custom 5 Lugs bolt pattern options, this cover wide range of vehicles, from Japanese, European and Domestic vehicle applications. Three standard colors to choose from. Optional colors available. Each VS-FX include VS center cap and valve stem.