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Cosworth Low Temperature Thermostat

9 Aug

High performance racing engines require upgraded and improved cooling systems for maximum reliability. One important component of the upgraded cooling system is a thermostat that opens to allow coolant passage through the engine and cooling system at reduced temperature compared to the original equipment thermostat. Reducing the temperature by approximately 10 to 15C compared with that of a standard thermostat, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat improves coolant circulation through the engine by starting the process earlier than the original equipment thermostat.
Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostats are engineered with the optimum temperature range in mind for high performance racing use as it is very easy to over cool the engine by either removing the thermostat completely or using a thermostat that is not designed for the specific application. Additionally, over cooling can cause engine damage by preventing critical engine components from reaching their ideal operating temperature, altering the required clearances for safe operation. Another important feature of Cosworth LowTemp Thermostats is the ability to precisely control the flow of coolant when the valve opens. Unstable temperatures and even temperature fluctuation can cause severe engine damage and make it difficult to properly tune or calibrate the engine.
When combined with a correctly sized radiator and other high quality cooling system components, the Cosworth LowTemp Motorsport Thermostat will help to safely maximize engine performance by controlling the engine temperature at an optimum level.


M7 Japan M7 Hyper Sound Blow Off Valve Type GT-7

19 Jan

Hyper Sound Blow Off Valve Type GT-7 employs the Dual Drive System. The purpose of Dual Drive System is to relieve compressor surge without reducing compressor speed.The funnel and body with ribs employs high quality aluminum die-cast to ensured heat dissipation radiation. Creates a sharp sound by adopting the Venturi effect.The M7 blow off valve not only improves performance and response, but also increases the life of the turbocharger.

Currently available in Universal, GTR R35, Impreza WRX/STI GDB/GRB and Evolution 7-9 CT9A specific kits.

Weds SA-60M AND SA-55M Photos

18 Dec

Just got these emailed over from Weds North America.

The Sa-60Ms will not be released until February ’11 but we are currently accepting preorders for February ’11 delivery.

HKS GT3037S Full Turbo Kit & Intercooler Kit for 08+ STi

24 Jul



HKS USA has released a Full Turbo Kit, Front Mount Intercooler, and Racing Suction Intake for the 2008+ Subaru STi. The Full Turbo kit includes the following: GT3037S turbo with a 0.87 A/R, GT II 50mm wastegate, uppipe, downpipe, bypass pipe, champer Pipe, suction Pipe, water lines, oil lines, and supporting parts. The FMIC kit comes with a large 23.5x10x4 inch core and all piping needed for installation. The major downfall to the FMIC is it requires the use of a smaller battery and is flanged for a universal HKS BOV not the stock BOV.



Product: GT Full Turbo Upgrade
Application: Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008 ; GT II W/G 50mm, downpipe (cat. less), up- pipe / Requires 70020-BF010 & 13001-AF014 *sold separately* (Off-road use only)
Part #: 11003-KF001
Trim: 56T
A/R: 0.87
Flange Type: T25
Wastegate: Type GT II 50mm
Suggested  Retail Price: $5195.00

Availability: NOW!!! Call or e-mail us for pricing.


164_3Product: R Type Intercooler
Application: Subaru Impreza WRX STi 2008; Requires B19L battery & Racing Suction Kit 70020-BF010 (sold separately)
Part #: 13001-AF014
Width (mm): 600
Height (mm): 255.6
Thickness (mm): 103
Suggested Retail Price: $2095.00

Availability: NOW!!! Call or e-mail us for pricing.