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Voltexed Out Z-Roadster… Lots-o-pix

20 Aug


We blogged this car earlier here.

Well it has been recently been updated with a Voltex kit. It looks alright (I’m not very happy with Voltex at the moment as they are taking forever to ship us a kit for customer).


Subie Stuntin…

19 Aug


Shorin Kitted S15 on Work XSA-02C

18 Aug


What could have been…

23 Jun

I was cleaning up some old pictures and found these. ¬†They were supposed to be my street wheels after the Superleggera kit was on. ¬†Sadly, they won’t fit without running a stretch tire/ lots of camber and a huge spacer … and, I didn’t want to have to completely align the car every time I swapped wheels for a track day.

I have only one thing to say … sadface

Z Roadster and XSA-02C

23 Apr

I posted this on my350z in a thread, but this really should have been posted here a long ass time ago.