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Enjoy the Ride….

6 Nov

Speaking of awesome Z commercials, there have been a couple other really cool ones over the years.  Yeah we all know the cheesy “Black Gold” one (the pinnacle of ’80’s “culture”) – but these 2 are still my personal favorites one of all time.

and of course, one of the greatest commercials of all time…car related or not


Bad Azz

6 Oct

You’ve probably guessed by now that we’re Z guys.  Everyone at the shop has a Z in one form of another.  Kwame and I both have 350Z’s.  Bill and Mike both have ’77 and ’78 280Z’s, and I’ve also got my Turbo 280ZX.   One of these days if the stars align we’ll get all the cars out for a proper photo shoot.  For now though, feast your eyes on this – it doesn’t get any hotter  Sure there are some cool modern sports cars out there, but you can’t deny classic sex appeal- it’s a MILF!



Me want!

Clean Execution

3 Sep

I’ve mentioned one of the best parts of being in this industry is being able to interact with people from all over the world.  The car shown here is owned by Stewart, a good customer of ours from way up in Scotland.  As I recall, Stewart travels alot for his job, so I know he gets a giddy feeling when he’s finally home and can look outside and see his pride and joy just begging for a flogging!   This car has been tastefully upgraded from stock and is just a nice, clean example of what a daily driven Z can be.  You’ll also notice the lovely Aberdeen sky.  Miami has nothing on Aberdeen as far as weather!

The car started life as an ’04 2004 UK Azure Blue GT Coupe (brembos, bose, leather etc etc) .  In the UK, guys were lucky enough to be able to combine Brembo’s and leather early on.  The US didn’t have this option I believe until 2006 (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

Modifications include:

JWT Popcharger
Kinetix V+ Plenum
DC Sports Exhaust

Aerosync bumper
USDM Nismo sideskirts
JDM Nismo Cannards
Dream CustomZ Headlight (Gunmetal gray with inverse audi style LED running lights)
Honda Stubby Aerial 🙂
Tommy Kaira rear badge

Eibach Pro lowering kit
EBC redstuff pads
Privat wheels 20″
Toyo T1R 245/30/20 front, 285/30/20 rear

The awesome photo’s were taken by Adam at ARPhotography.  Check out the site   by clicking here – he takes some amazing pictures!

Track Dayz

26 Aug

I had an entirely different post written up for my first post, but it started getting a little too angry and a little too long, so I’ll save this post for later.

When you read any car related forum, you’re going to overwhelmed by the posts by people looking for best go-fast goodies for their cars; whether it be turbo kits, light weight/uber durable racing wheels, or big brakes kits with more pistons that I have fingers and toes.

The sad part is, only a small fraction of people are getting any real benefit from all of these go fast parts.  I can’t comprehend why anybody would spend all of that time and money to make their car faster, stop shorter, and handle better …. to drive around in stop and go traffic to and from work.  Why not take your car to the one place where you can take advantage of all of that time and money you spent … the race track. 

My first HPDE in a quite a long time was this past May at Homestead, and I forgot ALOT of shit.  So in preparation for my next event, I decided it would be a good idea to make a check list to go through before heading out.  Walking around the paddock area looking to bum tools and brake fluid is not fun.

This may not be everything you need, but I figured this would be a great starting place for the track day virgin looking to test out all of those go-fast parts for the first time.  Please leave comments if you think there are some important items I left off of my list.

Your basic track side needs: helmet, registration paperwork, tech inspection paperwork, a cooler filled with ice/snacks/water/gatorade, tire gauge, air pump, wrench/socket set, torque wrench, jack/jack stands, spare quart or two of oil, extra brake fluid, speed bleeder, glass cleaner, quick detailer (gotta keep the whip looking good for the track side photographers), race pads, spare set of rotors, track wheels/tires, extra set of lugs nuts, folding chair, portable fan, and finally zip ties and duct tape incase something breaks.

Here is a word file with these items.  It makes it easy to go down and check off what you’ve already packed TRACK CHECK LIST.

And just to jazz up the post a little – a picture of my track car as it sits now.  There are going to be some major changes coming up in the next few weeks that will be chronicled here – new aero, a full color change, a new dedicated set of track wheels, new brakes, a full roll cage, the list goes on.  I’m hoping for the car to make it’s new debut at Sebring in October.